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Voss – 7th Boro Interview

Let’s be honest. Most battle rappers can never seem to make the transition from “battle mc” to “artist”. Well, Voss is here to tell you that he will not be one of those rappers. After having a very successful run on BET’s Freestyle Friday, it’s time to prove that he is more than just witty metaphors and off the head punchlines. With a prosperous run of battles behind him, Voss is now ready to get his career started…the way he wants it.

SPEK27: Right now, most people probably know you from the BET battles. Have you ever been worried that people will only look at you as a battle rapper?

Voss: It’s definitely crossed my mind. Common problem for sure with dudes who get most known for the battle thing. But I was making songs before battling, and I’ve been continuing to do so after I retired. As well as I did with battling, I never enjoyed it nearly as much as writing and performing songs, nor do I believe I’m nearly as good at it as I am at songwriting or performing. Also, the battle market is such a niche, nearly all-male market that’s even more fickle than regular rap music fans, haha. I’m just not interested in making that my career highlight, so it won’t be. Battling on 106 definitely helped my music career out though, as I have a distribution deal with Universal now, management, a publicist, a lot of things I didn’t have before it.

SPEK27: You’re in the BET Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame. 10 years ago, Jin was in the same position. Where do you plan to be in 10 years?

Voss: Not where Jin is. Seriously though, that guy is doing well for himself in China from what I understand, living off music comfortably. But, as far as me…in 10 years it’s hard to tell, I don’t know what I’ma have for dinner tonight. But, if I had to guess, I’ll already have a solid career in music. I’ll definitely be branching out into other things like acting…maybe directing, writing screenplays, playing golf, running for president…who knows? I’m hype for the journey regardless.

SPEK27: Any interesting celebrity stories from your BET experience?

Voss: Alicia Keys is even better looking in person. Loaded Lux is one of the wisest dudes I’ve met. 9th Wonder is crazy tall and a real nice guy. Styles P is mad short and kinda scary, but a nice guy. Bow Wow was kind of a dick to me at times, but mad cool at others. I think he’s just going through some tough times right now, so I won’t judge him. Kirko Bangz pronounced my name “Foss”. Charlemagne is hilarious. Most of them were cool.

SPEK27: So, you’ve proved yourself as a successful battle rapper. How do you plan on showing people that you’re more than just that?

Voss: I kinda answered that in the first question. Haha…oops. I’m just gonna keep making good music man. I was known for the music before the battles, and that’s what I’ll be known for after. 106 was a stepping stone, not a milestone. The music I been making will keep speaking for itself. A lot of folks stereotype “battle rappers” as being unable to write good songs, and the singles I put out last year alone shatter that perception. All the material I’m putting out this year will keep on doing that.

SPEK27: Tell us about your new project. Production? Features?

Voss: It’s a 6 track EP, the first in a 3 EP series. The series is called “The Book Of Michael” and this is the first “Chapter 1: Reign Maker”. All of the EPs will be free. I don’t have any “big” names on production cause I don’t give a fuck about big names. I have a grip of real talented homies who make better beats than the big names do, so I been working with them…haha. The first EP has production from GilliBeatz outta DE, Rob DVS and Ask? from my crew Corfu, JuicedUp Beats, Get Up and my man Ron Swerdon, who’s also my engineer. I’m not having any MC features on any of these EPs, nor my album. I have a ton of dope mc’s that I am fortunate enough to call friends, so it’s no slight to them. I’m still doing collabs on the side of course. But for my solo material, at least this batch, I need the focus to be completely on what I can do as an mc. It helps prove that I can carry an entire project myself and don’t need to piggyback a more famous name’s fame for recognition. I will, however, be having singer features since I can’t sing to save my life, haha. On “Reign Maker” I have Ron Swerdon (aka Kim Jong Ill) singing on a track and my girl Bernadette DeSimone (who was on American Idol) on another.

SPEK27: Finish this sentence – “Most people don’t know that I _____”

Voss: …make the best scrambled eggs in Philadelphia. Excluding fancy restaurants and shit like that.

SPEK27: Has being on BET inspired you to buy any jewelry or Lil Bow Wow records?

Voss: I already had his entire discography. As far as jewelry, I’m not really into it. But I did cop a dope 18K Cuban Link just cause I could. And it’s modestly fly. I got a gold watch too cause gold is kinda my shit when it’s done right. I don’t do the gaudy shit though. I’d look completely ridiculous. Not everyone is Ghostface.

SPEK27: Where can people hear or purchase the new album?

Voss: You can hear the EP and download it free at a few places… (which also has the complete lyrics)

Just search for it.

SPEK27: Last words?

Voss: Shout out to you, man. Shout out to everyone who read this. Shout out to ma dukes and daddy-o. Shout out to my family in general, and of course every member of Team VO. Y’all are everything. I did this interview in my pajamas at noon on a Friday.


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