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Valid & Slot-A – The Alley Oop EP (Album Review) (Album Stream)

Detroit artist Valid and producer Slot A dropped their EP The Alley-Oop on April 28th and it is still garnering buzz on various blogs and radio stations, featured on podcasts. They enlisted DJ Head on production as well and the production is both an interesting mix of chill and grime, a good look. Not to mention Valid dropped a dope video from the project before the official release. This will be my fourth time listening while doing the review which as you know I usually do my review on the first listen but I’ve been super busy. But while I’ve been busy so have Valid and Slot- A.
From before and since the drop of their project they have had some major buzz worthy moments. DJ Eclipse debuted their single What Up Doe on Sirius XM Radio Hip Hop Nation. They even landed on New Zealand’s Cold Cuts Radio 105.7. I love when hip-hop spans the globe!
And as short as the project is I also felt it was worthy of a Scy review so sit back and join me as we check out Valid and Slot-A’s The Alley-Oop EP. Link after the review.

1.The Alley-Oop (Tip Off) (ft. Aaron Taylor & Saxappeal)

This is a pretty good opening track…I was transported back to the 90s with the hook. This felt like a Left Coast throwback. This is definitely a party track. I fuck with this.

2.What Up Doe (ft. Phat Kat aka Ronnie Euro)

What a departure from the first track. It goes from a fun song to a grimy one. I admit it caught me off guard because I thought the first track would have been the overall vibe to the project. This is ill.

3.Exhibition (ft. Pierre Anthony)

This is a refreshing change of pace from a lot of projects I have been hearing lately. The music is what it should be…fun. This is driving and vibing music.

4.Vigilante (ft. Skyzoo & Magestik Legend)

I posted this track when it dropped and it is still in rotation. I like how well everyone plays off one another. You can have features but it’s super important that your style meshes well with the other artists. Valid is super versatile and is one of the reasons I am a fan. *in rotation

5.Game Winner

This is a nice anthem song. I rock with this. This is another party track. I would love to see Valid perform live. I’ve seen videos and he always gets the crowd hype. With tracks like these I see why.

6.What Up Doe (B-SIDE REMIX)

This song has also been in rotation since it dropped. This is a banger and closes out the project nicely. *in rotation

If you’re listening to this project with me you are probably as confused as me. It’s one second you got the mean mugging *click click blaow* face, the next you got the grin head nodding. Either way I fuck with this project. I have one complaint. This is way way too short. The moment you are hyped to hear more you realize that the EP is over. I could have used maybe at minimum about three more tracks. However, on a good note I didn’t dislike any of the songs. I do have another slight tweak and that’s the placement of the tracks. The levels were all over the place. One minute I’m chill then hype then chill. I was driving while listening to this the first time and had the drivers behind me confused as fuck. Also the length makes it hard to do my famous shuffle play or replay listens. Either way if you haven’t had a chance to check out this project yet peep the link below. Scy approved. For what it is, a mini project, it’s dope. I’m hoping Valid is dropping more music soon.

Overall: B+ (points taken off for length and replay value)

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