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@UnitedCrates – I Let Nas Down (Beat Submission Edition)

I told you I would drop this Labor Day Weekend, so here it is. This is a 7th BORO Exclusive.

Have you ever thought, what would it be like to get your original beats and instrumentals to one of the greatest to ever do it? Someone who has inspired you year after year from their existence? I had this chance fall in my lap, and regardless of what happened, it’s still exciting to share this story. Why put these out in this fashion you ask? Nobody has done anything like this before and that’s what I specialize in. Enough of the cheezy build up, as BIG or Ja would say… “I got a story to tell.”

Summer 2012:
Nas is set to perform on Friday Nov. 9th 2012 at The Washington Avenue Armory in Albany. This will be a one off tour date promoting the “Life is Good” album feat. Jadakiss and Jhene Aiko.
Part of me wants to attend but I’ve never really been a show goer as they say. Hip hop shows don’t ever sound even close to the record, some better than others. I did have a connect to the promoter and was still sitting on a stash of instrumentals that were created solely and specifically for my personal hip hop hero. I kept asking myself…should I cash in the favors I’m owed and make the call to get these tickets? I passed.

Long story short, The venue catches a violation 2 weeks before the show VIA an EDM/Dubstep party. To top it off the promoter also receives a fine from The City of Albany for problems with the show attendees and lurkers outside of the show. If you recall a few months earlier, The Migos show was plagued with problems, people getting jumped, girls getting beat up in the restroom buy security, and an all out riot broke out where people got stabbed and cut up like NYC in the late 70’s

The Nas show is questionable at this point. Albany and it’s executives are pushing back and choose to suspend all performances and shows until further notice.
Opportunity knocked, so we answered. After all, why let a dope Nastradamus show that a ton of people were looking forward to go to waste? We under cut them and stole the show literally.

New Show Date:
Skipping the commentary on all the opening performers, Nas is set to hit the stage in 1/2 hour. I’m starting to get antsy and overly hyped that we booked this show. What songs will he perform? How long will his set last? I couldnt stop my mind from racing.

Nas takes the stage at 10:00, He performed a bunch of the obvious jams and then ripped the roof off the place with an Illmatic montage. Nasty to Nas, and Nas to Escobar has the entire crowd in the palm of his hands. I can’t lie, I almost teared up when he performed “Daughters”. We all know how descriptive and influencial he is. I felt like I was growing old with him, that’s how much the song meant to me knowing my two little girls were snug in their beds.

There was a limited number of Meet and Greet passes, and I was super surprised to hear that only one person wanted to drop $150 to meet the man himself. Seemed real reasonable to meet someone so legendary. I wasn’t paying that shit, but I did have a few pieces of vinyl to get signed, including the holy grail, Illmatic LP, and had a CD of 20 beats slipped inside the sleeve to give to one of the greatest rappers to ever hold a mic.

After the show was over my cousin told me to lay low and that someone would come get me when the coast was clear backstage. I had no clue what i was in for. After about 10 minutes I’m on my way in to meet Nasir. This is one of the rare moments where I was totally start struck. Right before I entered the green room his tour manager made a statement. “This is not the time to go pushing your demo or asking for favors, etcetra.” I agreed, and said ” I guess he won’t be needing these” and pulled the beat CD out of the “Hate Me Now” case and proceeded to put it in my pocket and he was like “Wait, what is that?” “A beat disc I made to give to NAS”. He then told me that he would make sure to get the disc to him.

I never heard back from Nas or his TM. The actual question here is… did he even get the beats? I would never know. Producers are faced with this dilemma everyday, so do your go to beatsmith a favor and give him the feedback he may need to make the best decisions on his creations.

Do you think Nas would pass on an entire disc of gems catered specifically? Would they sound good with his vocal laying in the cut? I guess we’ll never know.

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