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The Outsidaz Young Zee Responds To Eminem’s “Fine Line” On “Dear Shady” (Video)

Watch as Brick City’s own Young Zee responds to Eminem‘s verse on “Fine Line”. Zee did a great job using classic footage of himself, Pace Won and Eminem to help viewers gets a glimpse into their history. Hopefully the outcome to “Dear Shady” is another Eminem/Outsidaz collaboration. That would be something special.

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Young Zee – Dear Shady (Resonse to @Eminem SHADYXV Verse)


Listen as Brick City’s own Young Zee responds to Eminem‘s verse off “Fine Line” on the SHADYXV album. It would be great to see another Outsidaz and Eminem track. Only time will tell. Listen.

Put a thousand lighters in the air for the Outsidaz/ Wow, I have must of had Alzheimer’s/ Long time since I shouted them out, about time/ Cause it’s been on my mind lately/ How Zee/ You always supported me/ You vouched, I will never forget that, and how you guys accepted me for me/ And Pace/ I love you too, you slept on my couch/ And I been thinkin’ about the time I slept on the floor of the Out-House/ Rhyming is all we ever wanted to do/ And regardless how life has turned out/ Inside I will always be an Outsider/ My life has been turned inside out… -Eminem”

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