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NimSins – Brain Blast (Lo-Fiction) [Official Video]

NimSins from Oakland Collective Lo-Fiction offers a visual for Brain Blast (Jimmy Neutron). The Dewaldo Produced track provides the hypnotizing interstellar fabric for NimSins to weave his sharpened pen in and out of this world. He’s dope, so is Lo-Fiction, pay attention.

Video by: @ericbui/vitamine

More from NimSins at


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Frank Castle – Freedom (Video) @DaRealFrankCast @StanDaManBKNY @a1vision @djfrankwhitenyc

Dope video from NYC’s own Frank Castle. The track “Freedom” is a glimpse of what is happening around us in 2016. You can be free physically but be mentally enslaved. Listen to Frank’s lyrics closely. Very well written.

RIP to Alton sterling killed in cold blood for selling music CDs our hearts are hurting shit is getting worsened Not being able to survive the end of the night and walk the same path as Tamir rice a twelve year old gunned down by police brutality I use my voice cause it’s blasphemy it’s hard to not act rationally/ all they do is think we dance salsa or bachata and drink grape soda or pray to allah nah nigga we educated built for greatness but living in the matrix cause our mindstate is naked/ our justice system is tainted filled with hatred a bunch of racist, racial profiling us to catch cases/while we turning up sippin’ leaning and dabbing they sitting down in they cop cars just laughing/just like Nas said it was all Written this ain’t what you call freedom this is called temporary living/


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Richie Cunning – “Leave It Alone” (Official Video)

Richie Cunning, The One Dollar Wonder is back with a new video for”Leave it Alone” in anticipation of his upcoming EP, 1906. Although it’s been some years since his last album, Night Train, the San Francisco native shows he’s been taking his time  working on his craft, gearing up for another dope project. 1906 drops October 2nd.

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S.D.O.T aka Namialus – Glorious Superiority (Video & Mixtape) @sdotmusictho

S.D.O.T aka Namialus is an MC representing Fayetteville, NC. If you haven’t heard of him, you soon will. Here is his video for “Glorious Superiority”. S.D.O.T wrote this and also produced the beat. Pretty fresh. If you’re feeling the video, check out the mixtape below. Bless.


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