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Boogieman Dela – Can’t Lose

“Boogieman Dela releases “Can’t Lose”, mixing his customary, melodic delivery over a modern beat produced by Deet The Beat Machine. This is the first single from his new EP series “Broken Watch”, set for physical release Sunday September 24th”

And if you’re in the area… The Album Release Party will be held on September 24th, from 6-10 PM at The Barbary in Philadelphia.

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Boogieman Dela – See Your Face (VIDEO)

PRESS RELEASE: After the release of Philly recording artist Boogieman Dela’s suprise EP “Feels Different”, that can be found on , Boog releases the first video from the project “See Your Face”. It’s a song about how when you are with a close friend or loved one how all life’s worries are put on the backburner and all you can think about is the present. This is something everyone can relate to. Song produced by South African native, Deet the Beat Machine.

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Adlib is a rapper. He’s from Pennsylvania. He’s worked with artists like Reef The Lost Cauze, Vinnie Paz & Madchild. He just released a new album called The Highway (  He also just did an interview with 7thBoro. Here it is.

Spek27: Tell us who you are and why I’m interviewing you.

Adlib: Just a stranger in the night my friend. I’m guessing I owe someone close to you money for grass.

Spek27: How many denim vests does Madchild own?

Adlib: He is the man, so he may have his own wing and corner office at Levis. I know I have 76.

Spek27: Bill Murray or Johnny Depp?

Adlib: Christopher Walken

Spek27: If you were in prison, who do you think you would hang out with?

Adlib: Burt Reynolds, and we would start a kick ass football team.

Spek27: What’s the most negative thing you’ve ever heard or read about yourself?

Adlib: I’m a swell guy. Whatever you heard is bullshit bro.

Spek27: If you could punch one rapper in the face, who would it be?

Adlib: It should be what rapper wouldn’t you punch in the face.

Spek27: Describe your music in 342 words.

Adlib: Fuckin sweet. Fantastic. Gnarly.  Rad.
Whoa. Holy moley. Samuel L Jackson. Trippy. “Loud” Fo Shizzle.
Modern. Old. Some other cool stuff, but I can’t remember all the sweet adjectives.

Spek27: What was the better fashion trend, rolling one pant leg up or tucking your jeans into the back of your socks?

Adlib: I never did either. But, in retrospect, maybe I shouldn’t have worn my triple fat goose inside out.

Spek27: Why should people buy your new album?

Adlib: See question 7 and add 321 adjectives.

Spek27: Last words?

Adlib: You’re pretty cool. I like rap. is pretty fuckin cool too.

Well, there you go. Check out for more on Adlib and Sensi Starr Music. Adlib’s The Highway is available now and features Madchild, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Rob The Viking and more.

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