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+ Premiere: Taiyamo Denku ft Pep Love, Serum & Shabaam Sahdeeq – Check Ya Dome Piece Remix (Prod Rediculus) (Single)

Here at we are proud to premiere our family Rediculus’ new remix for the homie Taiyamo Denku’s track, “Check Ya Dome Piece”, featuring Pep Love, Serum and Shabaam Sahdeeq. Give it a listen and download and then go check out the original version right here. Premiere: Taiyamo Denku ft Pep Love, Serum & Shabaam Sahdeeq – Check Ya Dome Piece Remix

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Rediculus – Songs No One Wanted (Instrumental Album)


When you’re a dope producer who has been in the game for mad long, chances are you will have an plethora of bangers that hasn’t fulfilled its destiny of becoming a track on an album. So what do you do with said beats? Well for Chi producer Rediculus the only logical answer would be to release 17 ill beats from his vault as an instrumental album, aptly titled Songs No One Wanted.


I’ve had a chance to listen and I have to say these are pretty dope. Also be on the lookout for several more projects from Rediculus including one I am hyped for featuring Dead Rabbits member Father Focus Confucius as well as another instrumental album dropping this spring. You can download Songs No One Wanted at the link below. Coming from a Boom Bap base and moving towards the future, Rediculus is definitely starting 2017 off strong with this treat for his fans. Check it out!

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John Reilly x Rediculus – Standing In The Face Of Time (Album Review) (Album Stream)


Long Island emcee John Reilly isn’t new to this although many fans of hip-hop might not recognize the name. That’s because he started off as one half of the dope duo The Day Laborers rhyming under I.N.F. He took a break from music while he dealt with…life. Now he’s back with a new solo EP Standing in the Face of Time Teaming up with Chi town producer Rediculus, John Reilly comes back with a vengeance (and a new name). The EP is short, only five tracks but does what it needs to do. Reintroduces the world to the dope that is John Reilly. The production on this is ill and John Reilly does his thing on the mic showing us that he can definitely hold his own. Here is my take on Standing In The Face Of Time Album Stream follows the review. Check it out!

Track 1 Do That Shit:From the jump this is in your face getting your head nodding. Definitely a banger.

Track 2 Rabbit Hole: A heartfelt track delving into JR’s personal issues and is currently *in rotation.

Track 3 Bully Pulpit: He follows up with another gem, the only track with a feature, with Rich Quick, I’m really digging this.

Track 4 What Goes Around : This is a dope track and shows a different side of JR as an artist. The content is heartfelt and is *in heavy rotation

Track 5 No Matter The Cost: This took me off guard because on my first play-through I was still digesting WGA. A great closing track.

This is a solid drop by John Reilly and if this EP is any indication JR has come back from his hiatus ready to bring that boom bap sound back to NYC. I’m looking forward to what he has in store for us in the future. My only complaint is I really wish this was longer. It’s like when you are trying to impress a date and suggest sharing a slice of cheesecake but after eating your half you’re still sad. No. Don’t do that… I need the whole slice! I hope John Reilly drops some new dope in the near future. Add this to your playlist now!!!

Overall: B+ (Points off for length)

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Album Review: Eff Yoo – The Eff Word (Prod. by Rediculus)


Queens emcee and Broken Home affiliate Eff Yoo drops his latest solo project The Eff Word on April 21st. . Here’s my take on the album! Also peep the visual for the title track after the review. Check it out!

The Eff Word by Eff Yoo

01: The Eff Word
This was such a good opening track and sets the entire vibe for the project. Plus, the scratches and the samples? You know how I love some dope cuts and scratches. *In rotation

02: Burgundy Boat-shoes
This track took me by surprise. It has a real cool jazzy vibe to it. This track gave me a crazy visual of Eff on the deck of a Mississippi riverboat with a jazz trio behind him and he’s wearing…what else? Burgundy Boat Shoes! And for my own visual enjoyment maybe a matching velvet suit…ijs

03: Alpha Mega
I’m glad Eff decided to throw this on here. Digging this!

04: The Great Escape
This song was right on time when it comes to placement. The right type of hype. I’m really digging this track and Eff’s storytelling abilities. I love the newscast ad-libs too. *In rotation

05: God Hates Me
Dopeness! This is one of my favorite tracks on the project. When you hear it you’ll understand *In rotation

06: Archie Bunker
When I saw the title I was like what? Eff’s flow on this is sick. This is another banger. When you hear the hook you’ll get the title. Word!

07: Interlude
It’s an interlude! What more can I say.

08: Peach Marmalade
After my third listen through I realized this is one of my favorite tracks as well. This shit is so silky the name fits it perfectly. Don’t look at me like that! *In rotation

09: Chinese Super Ninjas Ft. Broken Home
One of only two features on the EP. It was like a shot of caffeine. Again placement is so important on a project! This is ill no doubt but the fact that it follows the smoothness that is Peach Marmalade gets you super (see what I did there?) hyped. *In rotation

10: Indiscriminate Shots Ft. Big Noyd
Another banger! I have to say this was a great feature even though I like how Eff kept the project feature light.

11: The Last Word
I love the way Eff Yoo decided to close this album. Salute!

This was a dope project. If I had one complaint it would be that it was too short! Fans of Eff will be pleased and new fans will get a glimpse of the artist that is Eff Yoo as well as the dope producer Rediculus. This album has some rewind worthy tracks and several have gone on my rotation list. Overall I would say that it is definitely worth the cop! Scy approved!

You can pre-order The Eff Word on iTunes here

Scy’s Rating: A

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