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Superblack! – White Privilege

For those not familiar, this is the definition of a supergroup. Consisting of J-Zone on vocals, Prince paul on drums and engineering, and Sasha Jenkins on bass, Superblack is Ego Trip and hip hop alumni attempting a new venture and seeing where it goes. Can’t really go wrong with that lineup, Im sure there will be more interesting tracks to come.

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Action Bronson is making Hip Hop fun again! @ActionBronson


Action Bronson brings a lot to the table beside his lyrics. He’s found a way to have fun creating music and has mastered the art of showing it to the masses. One of the first times I heard Action Bronson was this mixtape (title slips my mind) where he had Mark Sanchez do the intro. I thought that was pretty bugged out being a football fan and all. Then I came across this video where he visited a nursing home where he serenated the senior citizens….. (Hilarious!)

The there was the infamous Action Bronson Porta Potty freestyle….

After I said that I knew this guy truly didn’t give two shits about what people thought about him. He’s just out to make good music.

And then there’s the “Fu**” that’s delicious” food aficionado series….

You see where I’m going with this. The guy is a man of many talents making his own lane in Hip Hop. Salute to Bam Bam!

Action Bronson – Actin Crazy (Official Music Video)

Action Bronson – “Easy Rider” (Official Video)

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Bronx ’79 MOVIE (Extended Trailer)

Bronx 79 Extended Trailer from Gen One Films on Vimeo.

A new flick about the come up of hip hop culture is on the horizon. Bronx ’79 takes us back to when times were tough in the pre crack era of NYC. This will trace the real roots of rap back through the eyes of the OG pioneers. Shouts to DJ Disco Wiz, Joe Conzo, Jeff Chang, Dr. Todd Boyd, Sara Rosen, and Peter Mishara.

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Your Old Droog – Your Old Droog (Deluxe Edition) (Stream)

Is it Nas? Is it Droog? No, it’s Nas with a professional makeup artist and bonus tracks, on vinyl. Go grab the updated new version with all the extras here.

VIA NPR: If this is the first time you’re hearing of somebody called Your Old Droog, don’t even trip. Some people know the name; those people spent the spring and summer speculating if an unknown entity who posted a better-than-it-should-be debut EP on Soundcloud was in fact Nas, our (hip-hop’s) Jeff Buckley, minus the tragedy. Those same people and a few more were vaguely titillated in late August when Droog officially revealed his face to, first, the New Yorker, and then performed in front of an audience in New York. He’s white, 25 and from Coney Island. Of course there was industry that knew that already; a few had encouraged speculation over his identity. Next week he’s releasing YOUR OLD DROOG LP — the 10 songs from April’s YOUR OLD DROOG EP, in order, two tracks he dropped later, including his ode to NBC correspondent Tamron Hall, and six new tracks, two of which are retakes of previously released songs. It’s all you need to know.

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NahRight presents: Hus Kingpin – NahRight Hype LP (Stream/Download)

VIA NAHRIGHT: Hus Kingpin is one of my favorite artists doing it out of NYC right now, straight up and down. He is an exceptional lyricist with a knack for capturing the essence of the streets in his bars without gimmicks or stunts. When he recently reached out to me about presenting his new project, I was immediately with it.

Kingpin’s work ethic is nuts and he proves it once again on The NAHRIGHT Hype LP, which is 27-tracks tracks deep (including a few drops here and there). We’ve got guest appearances from frequent Hus collaborators SmooVth and Marvelous Mag, TriState of Durag Dynasty and my slime RAST RFC. Big shouts to DJ House Shoes, Frank The Butcher and Camoflauge Monk and everybody else who contributed heat on the production side. Grab that Cognac clear vinyl that dropped last year… that is, if you can find it.

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Awar – All I Want (prod. by Rob Viktum) (Free Download)

My Upstate/Brooklyn homie Awar released this dope track the other day. He spreads the love as he works with multiple well known producers. Rob Viktum also has a new project in the works with another of my upstate brethren. You’ll have to wait for that one to drop to find out who it is. I also have some cuts on there as well.

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Run The Jewels (El-P and Killer Mike) – RTJ2 (Album Download)

El Producto and Killer Mike decided to drop this on us early this morning, due to what they say was a leak that happened late last night. probably just some promotional hype, but hey, good for us. Next up is Meow The Jewels, which will be this record remixed by some of your favorite hip hop and music producers. Have a famalamtastic Friday. Shouts to Mass Appeal records.

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K-Def & The 45 King – Back To The Beat (Album Stream)

DJ Mark “The 45 King” and K-Def team up to bring us on a musical mission. Helping us find the dead sea scrolls from hip hops past while giving us a nice backdrop to ride to. Do yourself a favor and support the underground guys that were the building blocks of yesterday. Not only will it make you feel great, but it will keep them doin what they do and giving us that raw uncut. The independent scene is flourishing right now and major labels would never release and instrumental record like this one. Emcees, this should be in your ipod for those long drives. Savor it.

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