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Run Yo Sh**! (Season Of The Vic)

First and foremost I want to make it clear that the 7th Boro does not promote violence of any kind. The post you are about to read is for entertainment purposes only. (Slapping a wack rapper is definitely okay though…especially if it’s open handed!)

Now that I got the disclaimer out of the way….What the hell is going on with these wack rappers?(Notice I didn’t use the term MC!) Some of these videos of guys in jeggings and crocs really need to stop!

I know it’s a new generation and we have to be open to change but enough is enough! I remember the days when Hip Hop was about Carharts and Starter Jackets…now it’s about neon sneakers and getting your eyebrows done. What ever happened to the good ol’ NYC fight music. The music that DJs wouldn’t play in the club because they knew the crowd would get crazy hype? The music that you would never play with your mom in the car because she’d smack the shit out you? That good old tuck your chain music.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite “Stick Up” tracks so we can reflect on those days when rappers didn’t wear lip gloss and beauty supply sandals. This is dedicated to the MCs that are grinding and that would love to slap a wack rapper. continue

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