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Notorious BIG X Star Wars – Life After Death Star (Mixtape) DOWNLOAD

Richie Branson, no not that Richard Branson, the DJ Richie B. and his homie Solar Slim recently dropped this crazy mashup mixtape. I haven’t peeped it yet, but it is getting good reviews. Comment and let us know your thoughts.
Dope or Nope? You be the judge.

Go download the mix at

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Madlib X Pete Rock X J Rocc – Adventures In Stereo (Mixtape)

Ok so we know Madlib has a new project dropping any day now and Pete Rock has been in the lab heavy the past couple months with DITC, Smoke DZA, and a few cats we wont mention right now. I will say that I had the privilege of hearing a few of those DZA roughs and that project is going to be so solid. They both recently teamed up with DJ/Producer J Rocc and flipped a mixtape full of deep funk, smoked out jazz, and some Dilla rarities. The project clocks out at 2 hours and I have yet to listen to it. I posted it on the strength and it’s sure not to disappoint. Props to OkayPlayer for the OG post. What better way to really start your Friday night. Set it off and press play.


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Cru Jones (Dj Cru Cut) – BIG Deal: A Tribute To Biggie

BIG Deal – A Tribute To Biggie by Djcrucut on Mixcloud

Well, it’s that time of year again when all the Biggie tribute mixtapes start popping up. You better pick one worth listening to. I’ll even pick one for you. Here’s Dj Cru Cut with BIG Deal: A Tribute To Biggie.…/big-deal-a-tribute-to-biggie/

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Prince Paul – It’s Not The Size of Your Mix Its How You Use It Mixtape Vol. 2 (Obscure Series)


THIS IS PART 2 of “Its not the size of your mix its how you use it” This is a collection of songs that I never get to hear outside of my iPod . I based this mix on songs I like to listen to ,not artist or popularity . This will probably be the start of a few Mixes I will make this year .. Im not a mix tape making type of dude but this was pretty fun to make .I hope you enjoy and PLEASE SHARE ! for more info please follow me on Facebook .. Blessings and Support your local rapper …
Ps . Thank for all of the support on part 1 !! .. Remember this is all for fun and the love of music !

Prince Paul’s ” Its Not the size of your Mix Its how you use it ” Mix Tape Vol 2 (Obscure Series) by Prince Paul on Mixcloud

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    Pharoahe – Lost In Translation (Mixtape) @pharoahemonch


    Pardon the late pass on this one but I’ve been too busy listening to it! Pharoahe Monch is one of this MCs who is a legend but doesn’t get the props he deserves. This mixtape is a collection of tracks (old & new) that display Pharoahe’s lyrics and his ability to make great songs. This one will definitely be in rotation for a while.


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    S.D.O.T aka Namialus – Glorious Superiority (Video & Mixtape) @sdotmusictho

    S.D.O.T aka Namialus is an MC representing Fayetteville, NC. If you haven’t heard of him, you soon will. Here is his video for “Glorious Superiority”. S.D.O.T wrote this and also produced the beat. Pretty fresh. If you’re feeling the video, check out the mixtape below. Bless.


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    Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire – Live From The Danger Room (Mixtape)

    Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire – Live From The Danger Room

    Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire decides to comes through with his second mixtape in as many days called Live From The Danger Room.
    11 tracks, the tape is more of a group project that features many of his Passion clique members, including Goldie Glo, Heron, Gorgeous Black, and many more.
    “The Danger Room was my old crib where I used to record all my stuff, the ‘Huzzah’ crib. It was basically the spot. We had guns under the couch, strippers, porn stars walking around.”

    01. Intro Feat. Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
    02. Buhzooka Joe Feat. Ma$ter Glo x Gorgeous Black
    03. Ice Cups Feat. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire
    04. 7 Deadly Sins Feat. Sentz x Ma$ter Glo x Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire x G
    05. Terror Draft Feat. Ma$ter Glo x Gorgeous Black
    06. dOWNwARDS Feat. Gorgeous Black
    07. Smut Skit Feat. Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire
    08. White Girls Feat. Ma$ter Glo x Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire
    09. The Devilish Pies Feat. Heron x Gorgeous Black
    10. Hold it Down Feat. Ma$ter Glo x SicksentZ
    11. DEATH ADDERS Feat. SicksentZ x Heron x Lakutis x DVS x Mr. Muthafucki

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    Exclusive: Joe Budden – Some Love Lost:The Leftovers [EP]

    SLLL Artwork

    In the past 4-5 weeks Joe Budden has released a couple of tracks to build some hype for the release of his upcoming “Some Love Lost” EP.
    All the Tracks that are featured on this release will not appear on the new project!
    This EP contains all the released Tracks with features from the likes of Ransom,Crooked I and a few more,the production is handled by DJ Pain1,8Bars,Darknight and Ryan Ryu.


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