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I’m Not a Writer, I’m a Biter…..

With all the posts on social media about the Trump/Obama plagiarizing situation, I was reminded of this mix I heard years ago. I’m not sure who put it together but it shows how Jay jacked lines from other emcees. I see it as paying homage….some see it as biting. What do you think?


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Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft French Montana, Jay-Z & Infared – All The Way Up Remix (Single)


Grab it while you still can!

Fat Joe & Remy Ma ft French Montana, Jay-Z & Infared – All The Way Up Remix

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DJ Smu and 7th Boro present: Represent [Mixtape]


Well this is it people! The wait is finally over.
Here’s my latest exclusive Mixtape for the Boro!
It’s been a long process but well worth the effort called Represent.
The reason I called it represent is because it represents me as an artist and music lover and how I feel about music. The Remixes also represent Songs in different Versions and how I wanted to hear them.
Representing my love for the culture.

At first I was a bit worried about pushing it back but eventually I got all the tracks together in time.
You can bump this tape in your ride,home stereo or whatever. I can promise you this: it’s got a great vibe!
Round 2 will be ready for the Summer time, just so you know!
Here’s the tracklist and the Download link:

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