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J.Cole : Verses (A Collection of Cole’s Best) @JColeNC


The young man from Fayetteville N.C. has done big things since he dropped back in 2007. He’s gained the respect of many in Hip Hop including legends such as Jay Z and Nas because of his lyrical ability and knack for making great music. J.Cole has dropped many dope tracks over the years so making a compilation of his best verses is no easy task.

In celebration of J.Coles birthday, Mills (aka the man behind the Verses series and long time Cole supporter) took the time to chop up some of Cole’s illest verses. Check it out and make sure you share this.

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    Verse vs Verse – Special Edition: J.Cole & Nas

    When you read the title you’ll probably think i’m trying to start some debates but hear me out…
    When J.Cole dropped Let Nas Down last year and expressed how he felt that he disappointed Nas with his debut single/album i thought that was an unexpected but honest statement.
    Then in June Nas responded to this track on where he says that Cole made him Proud which was a very humble gesture.
    However this time i’m switching it up..
    Instead of comparing verses i’m going to show you two joints on where J.Cole and Nas could’ve been on together officially but it didn’t happen for a few reasons. (Politics as usual. Especially with “Stay”)

    These two are on me so I hope you enjoy them!

    J.Cole Featuring Nas – Let Nas Down/Made Nas Proud [Smu Mix]

    Nas Featuring J.Cole – Stay [Smu Mix]

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    Vic Mensa – Who Dat Freestyle (Video)

    Vic Mensa is someone who I was following before I even knew who Chance The Rapper was. He is part of the Save Money team as well. Chance just had happened to blow up first. With that being said, Vic is slowly making his presence known by making the rounds in the underground and linking up with the right people. He is gaining respect on the daily from more and more OGs in the game. Check how he smacked this verse out the park on Sway’s radio show.

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    Best of the Boro: July ’13 [mixtape]

    July 2013 was another dope month in Hip Hop with TONS of great Hip Hop music being released. Those albums that were released for retail were not included in this mixtape because I don’t want to give away any music that the artist is selling and not giving away for free download. Albums like Tony Touch’s Piecemaker 3: Return of the 50 MCs, Jon Conner’s Unconscious State, and Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail to name a few were released in July and are NOT on this. [SUPPORT HIP HOP]

    THIS mixtape is a collection of the best freebies that some dope MCs gave to their supporters this past July. If you missed anything this past month, this mixtape got you covered… from ANTHM to Rapsody to Pete Rock to Fredro Starr and much more!! ALSO, a huge shout out to @J_Nolan , @LerixMusic, and @MeccaGodZilla for the interludes!!! Hope you Hip Hop fans like this.


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