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DJ Eclipse X Check The Technique “Paid In Full 30th Anniversary InterroMix” – Do The Knowledge Vol. 1

Such an ill concept for a mix. Very original. Peep it.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Eric B. & Rakim’s Paid In Full album (originally released July 7, 1987), author Brian Coleman has teamed up with renowned DJ and radio personality DJ ECLIPSE to bring the world a new concept – a podcast using original interview tapes, blended with music including the tracks discussed in the interviews as well as the original music sampled to make those tracks. The interview in question, featured as the centerpiece of this new DJ Eclipse mix, was conducted by Coleman with the legendary MC Rakim in the early 2000s, and appeared in Coleman’s first two books, Rakim Told Me and Check the Technique [Volume 1]: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies. Coleman’s most recent book, Check the Technique Volume 2: More Liner Notes For Hip-Hop Junkies, was released in 2014. For more information, visit

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Ayak Family Day – Rahway NJ 7-16-16



The Ayak Nation, Litehouse Musiq, and the Waiting Room have teamed up to bring you a great day full of food, fun, and Hip Hop. This event will take place on July 16th on Hart St. in Rahway NJ. Special guests include El Da Sensei from the Artifacts, Sadat X from Brand Nubian, John Robinson (Lil Sci), Skrewtape, Meyhem Lauren, AG the Coroner, Thirtin Howl the 3rd, Tragedy, Mazi, Poison Pen, Double S, Lord Sear, C-Reality from the FTSR Show, Big Body Bes, and many more. It should be a great day for the City of Rahway and for Hip Hop.

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Spotlight #2: Kentucky


Spotlight: Kentucky

When you think of Kentucky music the first thing that pops in your head may be folk music or bluegrass but certainly not hip -hop right? But you would be wrong. There is a new movement of Kentucky hip-hop artists trying and succeeding in changing the stereotype that any hip-hop coming from Kentucky is all “trap rap” or “country”.
I’ll be honest few years ago I would have made that same assumption. I didn’t think Kentucky and hip-hop was synonymous until I came across Lexington artist Devine Carama. Not only is he nice on the mic but he’s one of my favorite artists out at the moment. And this is coming from a Brooklyn chick for life. Thus began my expedition to find more dope hip-hop. For the past two months I have been listening to some Kentucky artists and my verdict is there are some real dope emcees hailing from the K.

One of the things we love doing here at the blog is introducing you to new artists from all over that you might not have heard otherwise. Here are some dope emcees repping their state that get the Scy stamp of approval. The great thing about hip-hop is that it really is universal and reaches so many different people on different levels. They say our culture is dying but here is proof that it is thriving. And it’s not just thriving in places you expect like New York and Philly but all around the globe, and places like Kentucky!

So sit back and let me introduce you to some Kentucky hip -hop. While I can’t post each artist’s entire catalog, I urge you to check out their Sound Cloud, Band Camp, and other outlets for their music. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.


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Na$ty – Stoopid

Now this guy is interesting. Na$ty states in his bio that although he loves the support his music gets, in no way does he want to make a career out of this. Ploy or truth? Either way, I like the way they flipped this old sample and how he connects with it. Light one up to this.

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Older Zealous – Locust Legends

Sometimes in between producing, posting, and designing I write verses, fuck around and record some shit. I even took the time to shout out all my internet friends and fam that have supported me over the years. This musical lava rock was produced by Raw Threat who is a long time friend of mine from high school. The name “Locust” derives from his old spot on Locust Park where all the knuckleheads used to kick it puffin and drinkin, making beats and playing Final Fantasy VIII till daybreak. Long story short, we’re still here, kicking these commercial bums in the dick from behind.

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Superblack! – White Privilege

For those not familiar, this is the definition of a supergroup. Consisting of J-Zone on vocals, Prince paul on drums and engineering, and Sasha Jenkins on bass, Superblack is Ego Trip and hip hop alumni attempting a new venture and seeing where it goes. Can’t really go wrong with that lineup, Im sure there will be more interesting tracks to come.

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Sto The Lyricist – Death EP

Big Sto aka, Sto the lyricist, aka Sto the last just released this new EP entitled “DEATH “. A fine follow up to another release called “Life”, produced by Teklun. Real cool vibe with this makes it an instant rewind. All the beats produced by Nu Vintage. He has invited producers to holler at him VIA his Twitter acct to grab the acapellas and remix his stuff.

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Fresh Dressed 2015 (Video)


One major aspect of the Hip Hop culture has always been the fashion, from Melle Mel wearing cowboy boots with speedos in the late 70’s early 80’s, To Puma Sweats and Gazelles, to the Wu Tang baggy jeans and Timbs era, to now having that whole skinny jean fad, you were always able to be identified with some faction of the Hip Hop culture just by what type of clothing you are wearing. Mass Appeal teamed up with CNN Films to document just that subject of Fashion in Hip Hop. Check it out.

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