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Who is Freestyle – Choose From The 3 (Video) @WhoisFreestyle

Who is Freestyle just dropped a video for his latest single, “Choose from 3”. The message behind this track is that a person should always stay true to them self. If people don’t like you for who you really are, they don’t need to be a part of your life. Shout out to Freestyle for always making music that is thought provoking and soulful. Share this. Bless.



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TheBeeShine Cypher 2 @WhoisJR @Kdope50 @PunchlineNYC @TheBeeShine

Shout out to Bryan over at the BeeShine for putting these freestyle sessions together. Part two brings us some of NYC/NJ’s dopest MCs rocking over some ill Kenny Dope production. Punchline, MC White Owl, King Kirk (Sporty Thievz), John Robinson (Scienz Of Life), Akbar, & Rhinoceros Funk all hold the mic down lovely. Check it out.

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Locksmith’s “Verses” Freestyle Compilation @DaLocksmith


Locksmith was at the top on many people’s “Top MC of 2014” list and he deserves to be. He dropped a fresh album in 2014 and it displayed his lyrical ability lovely. This here is a compilation of freestyles and dope verses that were releases throughout the year. Enjoy this and then share. Shout out to Mills for taking the time out and putting this together.

Click here for tracklist

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KXNG CROOKED – Shady’s #1 Freestyle

Shady #1

Shady XV, a compilation album featuring new material from Eminem and other Shady Records rappers, is No. 1 on the iTunes album chart and headed for the top 10 on both the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. To celebrate, KXNG CROOKED — a member of Slaughterhouse, who have a couple tracks on XV — did what anyone would do: record an excited freestyle titled “Shady’s #1.” Listen to the Billboard’s exclusive premiere of the track below. Odd Future and Tyler the Creator. Tyler isn’t a big fan of Eminem’s latest album,calling it “ass,” but Crooked doesn’t seem to mind — well, maybe just a little. “I like Odd Future,” he declares as the track fades out, adding, “N—-s have man crushes on Em.”

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Don Smog – Skilldabeasts feat Vinylcologist (STREAM)

Don Smog is one that not many of you have heard about. That is mainly because he likes to stay in stealth mode and drop bombs at random. He has been one of my best friends for decades and we are currently working on a new record that is set to drop next summer VIA Drop Science. Other producers include Jack Of All Trades (Beast Academy) and PJ Katz (J-Live‘s- “City to City”). 7th Boro will be the first to debut his new tracks as we do this strictly for kicks and ourselves, not for money. If you are great at internet diggin, you could try to find his mega rare “Wrexclusive” album that dropped in early ’06. That was only limited to 100 copies. No repress.
Good luck with that. PS. Don’t even bother clicking the links that say “similar to Don Smog” after the song is over. I assure you there is no one like Smog out there. Not even close.

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15 Years Later And The World Is Still Burning (Arsonists ASF)


I usually leave the “this date in Hip Hop history” to UPNORTHTRIPS but I’d be playing myself if I didn’t acknowledge this one. Any one who knows me personally knows how I feel about this album. When this joint dropped back on Aug. 24th, 1999 I was blown away. The Arsonists brought the fun back to Hip Hop for me. These were five extremely talented individuals made an album that expressed their true love for the culture. I also like that they had some Puerto Ricans in the group. We didn’t have many MCs representing us back then so it was great to see. Each member of the group brought something different to the table and that’s what made them dope. D-Stroy with his crazy lyrics and legendary energy. Freestyle’s ability to ride a beat like no other. Jise and Swel’s wordplay and Q-Unique’s beats and clever lyrics. I’m a fan of all of these guys individually but they create magic when the five are all together. Hopefully we will see another Arsonists project really soon. Hip Hop needs it. ASF

Stroydnaire – Lieutenant of the Pyschobots movement

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