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Freddie Gibbs ft 50 Cent – Cuffin Season [Smu RMX]


Freddie Gibbs & Madlib’s Pinata Collaboration Album has been in rotation for me for quite some time and made me a true fan of Gibbs in the end. His street style Raps remind me of the old 50 Cent when he wasn’t signed to Interscope just yet.
So I thought why not throw them on a record together.
This Record belongs to Fabolous from his 3rd Soul Tape entry (which i personally enjoy the most out of all of Fabolous Material) but i replaced him with Gibbs for my Take.

Gibbs Verse comes from a Track called “Terrorist”,50’s Verse is an original verse that he recorded for the Remix.

If you get a chance do listen to “Pinata” it’s a very good project. If you are a Fan of Madlib’s Beats you can purchase the Instumental LP too.

Download: Freddie Gibbs & 50 Cent – Cuffin Season [Smu RMX]

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DJ Smu and 7th Boro present: Represent [Mixtape]


Well this is it people! The wait is finally over.
Here’s my latest exclusive Mixtape for the Boro!
It’s been a long process but well worth the effort called Represent.
The reason I called it represent is because it represents me as an artist and music lover and how I feel about music. The Remixes also represent Songs in different Versions and how I wanted to hear them.
Representing my love for the culture.

At first I was a bit worried about pushing it back but eventually I got all the tracks together in time.
You can bump this tape in your ride,home stereo or whatever. I can promise you this: it’s got a great vibe!
Round 2 will be ready for the Summer time, just so you know!
Here’s the tracklist and the Download link:

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Fabolous Featuring Talib Kweli – Slim Thick [DJ Smu Remix]

Since the beginning of this month I’ve been working on an exclusive Mixtape for this Site (most likely) titled “March Madness”.So far I’ve managed to create about 3 Joints for the project and this is one of them.
I originally planned to drop it on Valentine’s Day but thought that it fits on any other day too.

I’ve been wanting to remix this Track since I first heard it on Fabolous “Soul Tape 3” as i thought it was missing something.

So i decided to add some more New York Flavour in the form of Mr. Talib Kweli to the Joint.
If you heard this verse before then your ears aren’t fooling you as it’s his first Verse from “Come Here” (featuring Miguel).

The download is on the House,enjoy!

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Fabolous- Soul Tape 3 Review

For all of his punch-lines, Fabolous is still ignorant of the phrase “an exercise in futility.” On the imaginary porcelain walls of the imaginary “Hip-Hop Hall of Fame,” most heads will agree that the emcee doesn’t quite satisfy the requirements to have F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S etched in. But the mixtape domain is where Fab undoubtedly excels. Remaining faithful to career stasis and holiday tradition, Fabolous released part 3 of his Soul Tape series on Christmas day.

The tape commences with the flourishing piano of Jordan Evans’ “Paris Morton 2” beat, and almost instantly Fab gets busy on “Everything Was The Same.” By the finale of “Sacrifices,” Fab’s methodical display of heartfelt lyricism will cause a familiar question to float in the minds of those acquainted with the Brooklyn’s emcee’s studio albums. Is this the same dude who makes lackluster albums like Loso’s Way, aka Fab and Friends?

The emcee we witness on Loso mixtapes is self-assured, not merely following the #latestraptrend. On “The Get Back,” Fab bigs up his borough brother but is able to make the track wholly his own. Even on Soul Tape 3 collaborations the players are mere guests in Fab’s terrain, maneuvering within the creative sound-clouds of Fab’s universe. Long-time collaborator Young Jeezy temporarily threatens to steal the show on “You Know What,” but Fab executes with only a sliver of mic time: “We seen it all/And ya’ll ain’t seen shit yet/ Lil niggas tryin’ on my shoes/ They don’t fit yet.”

Mixtape rappers often fail in their quest to crossover Casanova style, but Fab has always been skilled when mixing love & hip-hop. “Thim Slick” and “Lay Down” are odes to the ladies that will not do damage to your street credit report when played in the whip. As far as auditing Fab goes, his stock is fixed; a well-respected veteran with a proficiency in the mixtape arena. Soul Tape 3, like its predecessors, is an exceptional tape. The only draw-back is that this tape will do nothing to satisfy shareholders dating back to the Desert Storm days, or propel Fab upwards in barbershop polls of who’s the best emcee…

Download Fab’s Soul Tape 3 here.

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