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+ Premiere: Tha Soloist & Dr G – New Violent Drama (Stream) is once again proud to premiere Tha Soloist and Dr G with their brand new joint, “New Violent Drama”, which is the title track from the fifth album from the pair. The project is due to drop late October and will be the second by the duo in 2017. This track is meditation in hip-hop form. Light up the incense and dim the lights. Peep the saga, and be sure to check the ‘Glory Is A Heavy Burden’ album from earlier this year as well.

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“‘Glory Is A Heavy Burden’ is the brand new free LP by Tha Soloist and Dr G, depicting the life of a modern day prophet and his struggle with various forms of temptation including fear, doubt, depression, reluctance and lust. Torn between his own desires and his knowledge that God has a plan for him. Chopped audio samples of Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Last Temptation of Christ’ play throughout.” is proud to present ‘Glory Is A Heavy Burden’. Premiere: Tha Soloist & Dr. G – Glory Is A Heavy Burden

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Tha Soloist

“From Dr G’s lab, some new hip-hop alchemy from the UK producer alongside legendary Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz Of Man alumni Hell Razah, who is currently ready to drop his documentary, “Risen”, this summer. This joint also features some new bloods, Tha Soloist and Recognize Ali along with some dope harmonies from singer Ali Jimenez from the UK. This joint definitely has a good feeling too it with kind of new wave sonics. New age Hell Razah is definitely needed today and teaming up with Tha Soloist and Ali shows that that Razah was well ahead of his time with the bars. Soloist and Ali also both hold there own on this joint.” -Dr G

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“It’s time to tuck into some well garnished and marinated hip-hop from legendary Queens MC, Kool G Rap, who is thoroughly a hip-hop marksmen for his spit fire flow and hard gritty street bars. Also on this track are two incredible MCs who have surfaced in the underground for some time. Cambatta (Tampa FL) who is know for using clever rhymes and word patterns with hints of esoteric knowledge and rapper Skrewtape (New Jersey) finishes off the track into a spectacular posse cut for a hip hop mutual. One of the great things about the track is it shows how dope things sound when old school and new school rappers come together. Also contributing to the sonics, DJ Tray (Switzerland), with some well selected cuts that sets off the track with a boom. Song produced and mixed by hip-hop producer Dr G (Manchester UK) who has produced for some industry giants.” Premiere: Kool G Rap, Cambatta & Skrewtape – You Know Da Drill

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