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Innocent? & Sean Price – The Storm @INNOCENTFLOW13 @SeanPrice @STANDAMANBKNY @DonaldRCole

Innocent? reminisces on the legacy of Sean Price. The two were working on an album together when Price passed away. This Stan Da Man produced song and Megadon directed video are dedicated to Sean Price and the legacy he left behind.

There is also a trailer for the upcoming release of Innocent and Sean P’s joint project “The Price of Innocence”.


Mural by Meres One

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Masta Ace – 7th Boro Interview @MastaAce


Growing up, I was a huge fan of Hip Hop. I used to put on my headphones and just get lost in the music. My older brother would sometimes throw some vinyl on and do mixathons as we’d call them. One artist that my brother had in constant rotation was Masta Ace. My brother put me on to Ace’s Sittin’ On Chrome and Slaughtahouse albums. I loved those two projects. The rhymes and the beats were definitely Toyota Corolla subwoofer ready! (Yes…I’m Puerto Rican!) In 2001 Ace dropped his classic Disposable Arts album. This album was great because the beats and rhymes were on point but there was also a concept behind it. This was 15 years ago. We are now in 2016 and Ace is still making good music. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Masta Ace during his tour European Tour.

Stroy: Ace, I’d like to thank you for taking time out to do this interview.

Ace: No doubt! Thank you for the opportunity. 

Stroy: What motivated you to start rhyming? Was there a moment when you were like, “Yo! this is what I want to do.”? 

Ace: I started rhyming to make our tapes better. Back in the late 70’s early 80’s we were making instrumental DJ tapes. We were listening to tapes from the different boroughs and decided to make them more interesting. I decided to add lyrics to those tapes and that’s how it all started.

Stroy: Listening to your music over the years, I notice that you put a lot of emotion into your music. Where do you pull your inspiration from?

Ace: I pull my inspiration from life and people that I grew up around. I’m a very nostalgic person. I have memories from my life and I pull from those memories. 

Stroy: Out of the projects that you’ve dropped, Is there a favorite and why?

Ace: My favorite is Disposable Arts. The reason is because when I made that record I felt as if it was the end of the line. When I went into the studio, I went in and made this record that would let me leave the game on my own terms. So I went in and made this record not knowing that it would single handedly extend my career going on 15 years now. If Disposable Arts never came out, these projects after 2001 would have never came out.  continue

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D-Stroy – Be Yourself @iDstroy


One of the main things that bothers me about the music industry is that they try to make artists something they are not. I understand that rap has become big business but he art is suffering tremendously because of it. It’s really is a shame because the artists that do stay true to themselves don’t get the shine they deserve because the radio won’t deliver their music to the masses.

Be yourself, know matter what they say. – Sting

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Talib Kweli – Train Of Thought: Lost Lyrics, Rare Releases & Beautiful B-Sides Vol. 1 @TalibKweli

Just got this email from Talib Kweli and he’s hitting the road for his Midsummer Nights Dream Tour. He also sent over a track list and breakdown of his next project “Train Of Thought: Lost Lyrics, Rare Releases & Beautiful B-Sides Vol.1”. This one is a must cop for any Talib fan. He broke down every track and enclosed the album art. Check it out.


1. Space, produced by Dave West. This song, recorded in Los Angeles in 2003, is an outtake from the Beautiful Struggle sessions.
2. 2000 Seasons, produced by Hi Tek, this was the b-side to my first Reflection Eternal single, Fortified Live, it dropped in 1997.
3. Bright As The Stars, produced by Ayatollah. This was a Black Star song recorded for a record Yasiin and I were working on back in 2002 that we never finished.
4. Wack Niggaz ft Common, Kanye and Consequence, produced by Kanye West. Previously available on the Beautiful Mixtape, 2003.
5. Boomerang ft Cory Mo, K Valentine & NIKO IS. This is the first Javotti Media posse cut, originally available on The Cathedral Mixtape, 2014. Check out the video on youtube
6. Ocean Song ft Mela Machinko, produced by Rahki. This song was originally recorded for Prisoner of Conscious in 2012.
7. 7:30 ft RES, produced by DJ Quik. Over a few days in 2001, I recorded several things with DJ Quik. This is our third record together that’s been released from those sessions.
8. Fortified Live ft Yasiin Bey and Mr. Man, produced by Hi Tek. Mr. Man from the Bush Babees and I went to Brooklyn Tech high school together, and Yasiin and I ended up starting a group together, but released in 1997, this was the record that began my career.
9. Trying To Breathe ft Killa Mike, produced by Midi Mafia. When Killa Mike first debuted as an artist, he reached out to me for a passionate talk about the state of our people. He’s been a great friend and ally ever since. This song was recorded in 2003.
10. Distractions, produced by OhNo. This is the song version of a rhyme I was working on as I visited Occupy Wall Street in 2011. Check out the video on youtube, filmed at Occupy Wall Street

Head over to KweliClub to cop this gem. Peace.

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Young Lucid ft. Joell Ortiz – Runaway @YoungLucid1 @JoellOrtiz @Merc_Architects @MeccaGodZilla


Young Lucid’s debut release features Joell Oritz, one quarter of the Shady Records’ super group, Slaughterhouse. The emotional production from 2 Deep & MeccaGodZilla set the tone for the lyrical duo as they trade bars about a world they long to escape. “Runaway” is a mere preview of Young Lucid’s upcoming project, “Lucid Dreams” which is slated for a 2015 release.

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