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Don Smog – Skilldabeasts feat Vinylcologist (STREAM)

Don Smog is one that not many of you have heard about. That is mainly because he likes to stay in stealth mode and drop bombs at random. He has been one of my best friends for decades and we are currently working on a new record that is set to drop next summer VIA Drop Science. Other producers include Jack Of All Trades (Beast Academy) and PJ Katz (J-Live‘s- “City to City”). 7th Boro will be the first to debut his new tracks as we do this strictly for kicks and ourselves, not for money. If you are great at internet diggin, you could try to find his mega rare “Wrexclusive” album that dropped in early ’06. That was only limited to 100 copies. No repress.
Good luck with that. PS. Don’t even bother clicking the links that say “similar to Don Smog” after the song is over. I assure you there is no one like Smog out there. Not even close.

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