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Spotlight #3: Wisconsin


Spotlight: Wisconsin
What’s the first thing you think of when you think of the Wisconsin music scene? If you said rock, then you’re not alone. But I’m here to change your mind. When you think of Wisconsin I want you to think of hip-hop. I will admit I honestly didn’t think that I would get as many dope emcees out of Wisconsin that I did until I started this spotlight piece. I knew of two. Father Focus Confucius who is a member of a collective I am a huge fan of, Dead Rabbits, and Taiyamo Denku who I first got familiar with because of his dope catalog and the number of artists I am a fan of, who have featured on his songs and co-sign him. I know what you purists are thinking…But they’re mid-west! Everything is going to be trap right? Absolutely not. Turns out there are some real ill emcees that rep the state famous for its cheese. So many in fact that I may have do a spotlight Wisconsin Part 2. So sit back and let us introduce you to some dope.

First up is my favorite Hawaiian emcee…Father Focus Confucius. He reps La Crosse. His project Orphans and Oracles is still in heavy rotation on my playlist. His lyricism and versatility is ridiculous. He has such a dope catalog that I found it difficult to choose one song. I decided to go with two of my favorites off the project.

Sheol Dynasty is a duo comprised of Tigga and Jester Exodus. They rep the Northeast. Everything I heard is pretty dope.

Not only are they ill lyricists but Jester also does double duty as an ill producer.

St. Pennz reps Milwaukee. Digging his vibe.

Taiyamo Denku is another one I wasn’t sure what song to highlight so again I chose two of my favorites. His catalog is dope.

Gray Genius reps Milwaukee and her style is a soulful mix of hip-hop and R& B. She has songs where she just sings that I’m digging but this track highlights her abilities as an emcee.

Maximus Da Mantis reps Milwaukee and I love his dope grimy style. His catalog is worth checking out!

Alter Ego & Epick One EquinoX rep Milwaukee. I don’t know mmuch about the duo but from what I’ve heard thus far I’m digging it.

MurdaMil Mafia I actually heard on a mix-tape my homegirl Angie put me on to. It’s not any particular artist but a collective of artists. Either way this track has made it on my rotation list.

War Beyah reps Milwaukee and I was digging his project Global Warming. Dude is nice on the mic.

Knowshun Madison reps Madison. I like his style. Peep these visuals.

Derill Pounds reps… Oshkosh. Yes! Really. He has a unique jazzy fringe type hip-hop style. I can fuck with it!

Trutanium reps Milwaukee and I was vibing to everything I heard. Pretty ill. Check the catalog.

Next up are some artists that have styles like what I expected a Midwest emcee to sound like (in my preconceived perceptions) sort of a south meets Cali vibe that I’m digging. But what they do for the boom bap purists out there, they do it well.

Meccah Maloh reps Milwaukee.

Ray Rizzy I’m digging this.

Bizal McCloud

Jake Lacoste is ill for his lane.

Next up…
Reggie Bonds reps Milwaukee and has that grimy sound I love.

Yo-dot reps Milwaukee and I really liked everything I heard from him so far.

Skotty Benz reps Eau Claire and is ill on the mic.

Authintik Linen is a cross between west and east. I can fuck with it.

Wayward reps Eau Claire and has a dope project with Wisconsin. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Bliss is part of the Ascended Masters crew and is nice on the mic. Because you know I love my fellow Queen emcees I’m sharing two tracks. Peep her catalog.

Fathom reps Eau Claire and I like the sound.

Sayth,reps Eau Claire and more of a fringe hop type group but ill for what they do.

Fill Silence reps Eau Claire. This is ill.

Mistah is originally from Cali and now reps Eau Claire.

S.E.R. reps Eau Claire and is made up of members Mr. Pizzy & Omega. I can fuck with this.

M.A. Johnson 1 reps Oshkosh. His catalog is varied and tends to go a little trap at times but he has skills.

Money Maverick reps Appleton.

Again I thank you for taking this journey with me. Hip-hop is alive and well and as you can see is thriving in Wisconsin! There’s good hip-hop out there and it doesn’t always live on the radio.
Peace to Adam Racette for all he does for the Wisconsin hip-hop scene. Also shout out to Father Focus Confucius and Taiyamo Denku for putting me on to some dope music. If you feel like you or someone you know should have made this spotlight piece, please send me the music. We are always open for submissions. I would like to revisit all the emcees I missed in a future spotlight. And as always support good music and cop some of these dope joints. Keep dope hip-hop alive!!!

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  • Chris LaBella

    You’re missing Webster X, Trapo, Ra’Shaun, Ish Darr, Charles Grant, Milo, CRASHprez, and about 30-40 others….

    • David Cardona

      Thanks for the feedback.