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Spanglish Hip Hop – The Best of Both Idiomas

Spanglish copy

For those who don’t know what Spanglish is…’s a combination of Spanish and English in the same sentence or conversation. It’s used when a person isn’t sure how to pronounce a word in English or vice versa. Sometimes it’s used just for the hell of it. There are a few Hip Hop tracks that utilize the Spanglish language and do a great job of it. MC’s like Tony Touch, Thirstin’ Howl, and Chino Xl have mastered the art of Spanglish rap. Here are a few of my favorite cuts. Let me know which are your favorites or if I should add some.

First on the list is “Se Acabo” by the Beatnuts. This track flips both languages lovely. Magic Juan and Swinger did their thing on this too. Listen.

Next we have the Diaz Brothers. Doo Wop and Tony Touch (master of the Spanglish flow) dropped this joint on the first Piecemaker album. Spanglish at it’s best.

Shabaam Sahdeeq united some Latino brothers on this joint. Most notably Camden’s own Big Lou. Peep the Latin Connection.

This next joint is the true definition of Spanglish rap. Tego Calderon and Tony Toca over some DJ Premier. Fuck this is dope. I’ll have this on full blast on the numero dos. My Puerto Rican heads know what’s up.

Thirstin Howl the 3rd is definitely one of the best at this style. His ability to rhyme English and Spanish words is second to none. Shout out to Dona Cuca!

Mos Def aka Pretty Flaco aka Yasiin Bey dropped a gem with this one. This wasn’t the first time he rhymed in Spanish but it’s definitely the dopest. This isn’t really considered Spanglish because the whole joint is in Spanish. Very dope nonetheless.

This next joint should sound very familiar. It’s become an anthem among Puerto Ricans. RIP Big Pun!

Chino Xl brought some latino legends together on this one. He also has an ill Mellow Man Ace reference. Latinos Stand Up!

I can’t forget Bushwick’s own D-Stroy and Tony Touch.

“Robbin hoes on Super Sabado, Johnny Bravo flow, getting that Pedro Navaja dough.”

This is my favorite joint on this list. When Thirstin’ says “flow nadando más que jode tanto”…….FUCK!!!!!

“flow nadando más que jode tanto”

This is a close second place for me. Pretty Flaco does his Spanglish thing on this one. Very dope joint from the Surgeon General of Brooklyn New York, Tony Touch.

I can’t forgot about the OGs!

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