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Skrewtape – 7th Boro Interview

Nobody wants to read an interview with an artist they never heard of. But at the same time everyone wants to learn about new & upcoming artists. So we’ll keep this short & to the point. His name is Skrewtape, he’s worked with some of your favorite underground rappers & he’s definetly someone to look out for in the future. So read a little about him & check out his music at or

Spek27: Start by telling us who you are & what you do.

Skrewtape: My name is Skrewtape and I came to do 2 things… 1. Tell it like it is. 2. I forgot number 2.

Spek27: I’m sure a lot of people reading this haven’t heard of you yet. Tell them why they should check out your music.

Skrewtape: If I had to put a finger on it, Id say its my overall presence on the mic that draws most people in. Ive also heard some good things about wordplay, voice, and delivery…I dont know. I could get technica,l but lets be real, you’ve either already clicked on the link by now or never will. I have you dirtbags all figured out.

Spek27: You recently put out an album with a very healthy list of guest features. Who are some of the other MCs on there & why so many guests on one album?

Skrewtape: (*takes deep breath*) Reef The Lost Cauze, Pace Won, Young Zee, MiilkBone, Tame One, El Da Sensei, C-Rayz Walz, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Copywrite, Thirstin Howl III, NEMS, Apollo The Great, Burke The Jurke, Kevlaar 7, Rich Quick, Voss, Biz M!ghty, ASK?, Renagade, Mr. Fickle, L.I.F.E. Long, Venomous 2000, Twylight, Tone Liv, Sol Zalez, Grizzly Adams, Joey Dynomite, KGB, Expo, Pryme Prolfik, Dox Boogie, & Milton, with production by Mr Green, Rob DVS, YFame, Cimer Amor, Rorschach, Tha Soloist, Jamal Gainey, Esoge, Bonus, DJ 456, DJ Absurd, DJ A-$harp, DJ Kaos, DJ Priority, DJ Rhino & DJ TMB (*falls over*)

Skrewtape pic

What started as a few features and collaborations, wound up growing into the collection of tracks that is “Skumbag Millionaires”. The project was intended to be viewed as less of an album per say, and more of a compililation effort. Something akin to the Soundbombing, Lyricist Lounge, and FatBeats discs I remember listening to backwhen. Hiphop at its core, IS the spirit of collaboration. I wanted to put out a project that represented that. Something more than just ME. It plays more like a mixtape, with the song quality of an album, but has a compilation feel. I guess, to some, it was seen as a solo album with too many features. To that, I say, who am I without my influences, teachers, and contemporaries?

Spek27: And who have you been working with as far as production?

Skrewtape: I’ve been working a lot with Mr Green lately. Between Live From The Streets stuff and the new Malik B album coming this spring, you can expect to hear more from me on his production. He was one of the most featured producers on Skumbag Millionaires LP and helped me link with a lot of other artists for the project.

Us Natives (Ill Clinton & John E Cab) is a production duo that I’m dropping a 9 song EP with this spring, titled No Filter. I’m really lucky to have the opportunity to work with such talented individuals. They dont make “beats”. They create soundscapes. Masterpieces with mood and momentum. Certain producers just bring out the best qualities in you. I’m excited for people to hear this project.

I’ve also been working with cats like Haj from Dumhi, Rob Devious, Expo and Steve Untytled, among others. Lots of new music coming up.

Spek27: Finish this sentence – “I rap better than _____”

Skrewtape: “….than I did last year”

Spek27: Last words?

Skrewtape: Only users lose drugs.

#NoFilterEP drops this spring featuring Malik B of the Roots, Slaughter Rico, Jus Allah, J.O. The Last Man, Slim DSM, Vas, Sean Cov, Rich Quick and DJ Too Tuff.

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