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Rapper Big Pooh – 7th Boro Interview

The year was 2003 and I remember listening to a Hip Hop show on Kean University Radio. I didn’t tune in too often because they usually played trash rap but this one song caught my attention. That song was “I’m Lovin’ It” by Little Brother. This was the first I have ever heard of this group. I ended up copping the album from our local music shop and remember being blown away by this cd. The Minstrel Show was my official introduction to the North Carolina trio. I had that album on heavy rotation for about six months. I eventually copped “The Listening” and “Chittlin Circuit” and the quality of music was just as good. The three members were great as a group but would shine just as brightly as solo artists.

One of these shining stars is Rapper Big Pooh. Big Pooh started rhyming later in life in comparison to his group mates but his hard work has most definitely made him into a true MC. Since going solo, Big Pooh has had numerous releases (Fat Boy Fresh Volume 1 being my favorite) that represent Hip Hop lovely.

Stroy: First off Big Pooh, I want to say thank you for taking time out to do this interview with the 7th Boro.

My first question for you is, who influenced you to start rhyming?

Rapper Big Pooh:I was influenced by EPMD, Nas, and Ice Cube to name a few.

That’s a legendary list of names right there!

Where did the name “Rapper Big Pooh” originate?

RBP: Poohbear was a nickname I was given in college. It then went to Pooh, then Big Pooh to differentiate between anyone else who had the nickname on campus. Rapper was added later, something 9th used to always call me.  

I first heard your music when you were a member of Little Brother. How did you meet Phonte and 9th Wonder?

We all met in college.  

That must of been one hell of a lunchroom cypher back at North Carolina Central!

You have worked with many talented MC’s throughout your career. Which collaboration was most memorable?

Recording with Big Daddy Kane will always be a memory that sticks out. Also getting Phife of A Tribe Called Quest to jump on my “They Say” remix was dope as well.  

Big Daddy Kane! That’s a serious co-sign right there. That man is a Hip Hop icon. Phife……it’s Phife! Enough said.

Who would you want to work with in the future? (any genre)

I’d have to say DJ Premier, Pharrell, & DJ Quik.

Of all your past albums and mixtapes, which is your favorite? Why?

I don’t really have a favorite. I look at my next project as my favorite because it’s the one where I feel shows the most improvement overall.  

My personal favorite is Fat Boy Fresh v.1….specifically “State Of The Union” & “Rapper Pooh-A-Lude”


Are you currently working on any new projects?

I’’m finishing up a few projects. I have a EP coming called, “Happy Birthday, Thomas” as well as finishing up this EP with Nottz called, “Home Sweet Home”.

That’s what’s up Big Pooh, I have one more question for you before we wrap this up. I’ve heard that you’re a huge basketball fan… last question is, Who is a better player, Lebron or Kobe?

Lebron is obviously the better player right now. He is all world. Kobe is on the downside of his career. In his prime, I would have given it to Kobe. His mentality is what would have set him ahead of Lebron.

Ha! Mills will most definitely like that answer!

Big Pooh, I’d like to thank you on behalf of the 7th Boro for taking time out to this interview. I’d also like shout out Greg Burke for putting this together. Bless.


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