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Quick 5 with Rasheed Chappell

One of the most popular phrases in Hip Hop over the last six years is, “Hip Hop Is Dead“. I hear people say that today’s Hip Hop can’t compare to the Hip Hop of the 90’s. Before Mills and I started the 7th Boro, I was one of those people. That is until I started digging through the internet and came across this MC named Rasheed Chappell. When I first heard him rap he reminded me of Nas. I know you’re thinking that this is a crazy comparison but listen to “Future Before Nostalgia” and you’ll understand what I mean. It is like Rasheed is a 90’s throwback with a modern style and delivery.

The Passaic New Jersey native was gracious enough to kick it with the 7th Boro and answer some of my questions.

Stroy: Rasheed, I’d like to thank you on behalf of the 7th Boro for taking time out to make this happen.

Listening to your album “Future Before Nostalgia”. it’s evident that your love for Hip Hop runs deep. What is the inspiration behind Rasheed Chappell the MC?

Rasheed: The inspiration behind Rasheed Chappell the MC is the same as Rasheed Chappell the man, that’s one of the reasons I don’t use a stage name. LIFE is my biggest influence, what I see on a day to day along with my personal experiences. Musically I was always drawn to artist that had music that spoke to me on a personal level or helped me escape & imagine I could achieve great heights.

In an interview with legendary producer Kenny Dope, he compares your vocals/lyrics to Q-Tip & Nas. How do you feel about those comparisons? 

I respect Kenny’s opinion, especially since he comes from that era. I thinks it’s a huge honor to be in the conversations with legends & to be working with one as well. I tell Kenny all the time he has his legacy, I want to build my own. Nas & Q-Tip are ICONS so to achieve any measure of their success would be great.

LIFE is my biggest influence – Rasheed Chappell

Being the brother of a house music DJ, the name Kenny Dope is a household name to me. How did you and Kenny start working together?

We met through a producer named Maleer that Kenny was working with. Maleer & I were working on some Hip Hop, he actually produced the b-side to my first single. He was with Kenny one day & just played him the joints we were working on. Kenny took a liking to it & he just recently told me that he knew from our first meeting if I followed his lead things would be ok ha ha, I call him the psychic now.


Your album has some of the craziest song titles, “Picasso In Print” being one of my favorites! How did the title “Future Before Nostalgia” come about?
Thanks, I like title ‘Picasso In Print” also ha ha. “Future Before Nostalgia” was supposed to be for a mixtape that would lead into our album “Nostalgia”.The more we worked the more it started to sound like an album & not a mixtape, so we decided to make it an LP. The title represents the homage to the music that has had an influence on us & us looking to the future.
[audio:|titles=Rasheed Chappell-Picasso In Print] Rasheed Chappell-Picasso In Print (My favorite track off Future Before Nostalgia)


Whats next for Rasheed Chappell?

Next…stay on this path and continue to receive these blessings that have come my way. Continue to work on music & grow as a person.

Rasheed, this is the part of the interview I call the Quick 5. It’s kind of out of the box but we like to have some fun in the 7th Boro.

Q.1 – If you could perform at any landmark (U.S or Worldwide), where would it be and why?


The courtyard at the housing projects of Sedgwick & Cedar because that’s where it all started. (Sick answer!)


Q.2 – If you could of spit a verse on any classic 90’s album, which album and which track would you go in on?


 Wow any album, that’s a GREAT question…wow I wouldn’t mind having a verse on “Scenario” or you could have just let me talk on the intro to “Illmatic” ha ha.


Q.3 – Being from New Jersey, who is your favorite MC from the Garden State?


No favorite they are all my Aunts (Latifah, Lauryn) & uncles (Treach, Redman) so no way I could choose just one.


Q.4 –  If you could make your own version of Wu-tang’s Triumph (a collection of MCs), who would be featured on it? Who would be on production?


 Rakim, Nas, Black Thought, Rae & Ghost (back to back), Mos Def, Common, Scarface, too many to name man, ha ha. Produced by Preemo, Large Professor, Pete Rock, Kenny Dope & Alchemist ha ha.


Q.5 – Last but not least, Big Pun or Big L? 

To be a BIG is a BIG deal so rest in peace to both L & Pun as well as Biggie. All 3 of those brothers were special and are missed by their families and by Hip Hop.

Rasheed, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to rock with the 7th Boro. 

If you haven’t purchased Rasheed’s “Future Before Nostalgia” album, you can do that here.

Support Great Hip Hop! Bless.

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