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Quick 5 with Q-Unique

I’m real excited about this installment of the “The Quick 5”. This guy is a true hip-hop hybrid. Shredded mics? Q’s done it! Produced dope beats? Q’s done it!(Listen to both Arsonist’s albums.) Off-Broadway? Q’s done it! Rocked Madison Square Garden?Q-Unique has done it! The Brooklyn born/Bronx raised Rock Steady Crew hybrid is my contestant on the Quick 5. Here we go!

How did you become a member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew?

I lived and went to the same school as Crazy Leg’s sister. Her & her homegirl knew I was recording demos, so her homegirl (Bruni) gave Legs a demo tape and he hollered at me to start rolling with him as a MC / member of RSC. Theres a lot more detail to the story, thats the short version. Ultimately I was the 1st person to be put into the crew when Legs revamped the RSC name.

You’ve had many accomplishments throughout your lifetime such as albums, tours, and an off-Broadway show. Which is the most memorable?

Personally, the birth of my son. As far as accomplishments as an artist…you pretty much skimmed through them.The fact that I have been able to be a part of so many aspects of the entertainment business is a huge blessing that I never take for granted.

Alright, here we go with the Quick 5!

Question #1

When it comes to production, do you prefer hardware (MPC) or software (Reason/Ableton)?
I always tell people that the mpc is my instrument, the same way a guitar is to Slash. But I cant put the machines against each other, because I use them hand in hand, they work together for me. Especially now that everything has been downsized to a point that I can throw the mpc 500 and my mbox & mac in a back pack and travel around the world and produce.

Question #2

If I found your Ipod ….what music would I find on it?

You would find Led Zepplin, Nirvana, BDP, Public Enemy, Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Korn, Down, Nas, Jay Z, Lamb of God, Alice In Chains, Big Pun, B.I.G, the Beatles, Hector Lavoe, Bjork…this is just an idea theres alot more that Im leaving out. Overall: hip hop, R&B, metal, Rock, grunge, 80’s pop, salsa, electronica, jazz, break beats…it goes on & on.

Question #3

In your opinion, what were the best years in hip hop?

The golden era/crack era 86-89!

Question #4

What hip hop album do you remember listening to and just saying, “Damn, this is my shit!!!”

Boogie Down Production’s Criminal Minded

and Nas’ Illmatic
Sneak an uzi on the island in my army jacket linin'

Question # 5

If you could make your own super group. Who would be in it? MC’s and 1 producer. Dead or Alive.

Nas, Pun, me & Ill Bill with Necro & Preemo on the beats.

I’d like to thank Q-Unique for taking time out to answer my questions. His album “Heaven and Hell” recently dropped so make sure you cop that. If you haven’t heard his first album “Vengeance is Mine”, you need to give it a listen. Keep Rockin’


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