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Quick 5 with Eternia

I was in a clothing store in Montreal QC 2 years ago and while shopping I was listening to the background music. The M.C. that was spittin’ was just going crazy on the track! I went up to the person at the counter and he told me that it was a Canadian M.C. named Eternia. I remember asking the dude if he had a copy of the cd they were playing but they didn’t. When I got back to Jersey I found some material and was blown away by the wordplay! Since then I’d have to say that “My favorite rapper wears a skirt!” It’s funny because the way she spits does not match her appearance. I envisioned a woman who looked like Latrell Sprewell with a chin strap. continue

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The Genius of Justin Bua: A 7th Boro Exclusive


Back in the days when I worked in our local mall, I was checking out the art store(shout out to Deck The Walls). I flipped through a few prints until I saw one that really caught my eye. It caught my eye because it was something I could relate to…… the person in it resembled my brother. I’m talking about Justin Bua’s “The DJ”.

continue reading

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Quick 5 with Leon Rainbow

Leon Rainbow
In this installment of the Q5 series I had the pleasure to go back and forth with Trenton’s own Leon Rainbow. Leon’s art isn’t limited to city walls. His art has been presented in galleries, on cars, and on the best canvas of them all…..a women’s body!

Leon also serves as an Executive Director of Albus Cavus, a non-profit organization based in D.C., that utilizes the power of public art for community development and revitalization of public spaces. Annually, Leon curates two art festivals in New Jersey for area painters and the community as well as dedicating his civic duty to teaching several workshops for the Trenton After-School Program. Leon is definitely grinding daily! Okay, here we go. continue reading>

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Quick 5 with The White Shadow

M.C.’s flow, B-Boys break, Graff artists tag, and D.J.’s scratch. This installment of the Quick 5 focuses on the turntablist. The ability to create/manipulate sounds with your hands is a special talent that only the best D.J.s possess. Scratching can completely add a different vibe to a track. It makes the track hip hop(Real heads know what I mean). One person who has mastered this art is The White Shadow. Aside from winning the Norwegian DMC D.J. Battle in 88/89, he has also continue reading>>

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Crooked I feat. Joell Ortiz – “Hard In The Paint” (HHW Reloaded #11)

C.O.B. is joined by YAOWA for Hip Hop Weekly 11 (Reloaded).  These 2 SHOULD be on all these “lists” out there!!!

[audio:|titles=Crooked I _HHW 11_ (Hard In The Paint) ft. Joell Ortiz]

Download Crooked I feat. Joell Ortiz – “Hard In The Paint” (HHW Reloaded #11)

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Quick 5 with Q-Unique

I’m real excited about this installment of the “The Quick 5”. This guy is a true hip-hop hybrid. Shredded mics? Q’s done it! Produced dope beats? Q’s done it!(Listen to both Arsonist’s albums.) Off-Broadway? Q’s done it! Rocked Madison Square Garden?Q-Unique has done it! The Brooklyn born/Bronx raised Rock Steady Crew hybrid is my contestant on the Quick 5. Here we go!

How did you become a member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew?

I lived and went to the same school as Crazy Leg’s sister. Her & her homegirl knew I was recording demos, so her homegirl (Bruni) gave Legs a demo tape and he hollered at me to start rolling with him as a MC / member of RSC. Theres a lot more detail to the story, thats the short version. Ultimately I was the 1st person to be put into the crew when Legs revamped the RSC name.

You’ve had many accomplishments throughout your lifetime such as albums, tours, and an off-Broadway show. Which is the most memorable?

Personally, the birth of my son. As far as accomplishments as an artist…you pretty much skimmed through them.The fact that I have been able to be a part of so many aspects of the entertainment business is a huge blessing that I never take for granted. continue reading>

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Walking in the Rain”

“Walking in the Rain”
[audio:|titles=Royce Da 5’9″- Walking In The Rain] This was posted a while ago…but DAMN he kills!

I got a deep anonymous bottomless pit depth to my psychy, bank full of what’s stitched on the left side of my Nikes, blank man fill me in but you will never sum me up, there will never be another question mark like me, I don’t gang bang shit I’m just mad blazing, I got them dimes like a bad Asian, I got them nicks like some bad shaving, a lot em with the gang bang she say she wit it a matador like I’m red flag waving…
Click here for the rest

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. 2”

Just in case anyone thought he fell off….Nas shows everyone he is still one of the greatest lyricists ever.

[audio:|titles=Nas – Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. 2 (Power, Paper, Pussy) ]

Cars with police radars on highways boppin, bullpin therapy cell block dodging, pissy stairways missed them days not when they shut down the stores when I’m shopping, used to be pop locking, train hopping, face covered in stocking, 6 pack Bud drinking gambler, fuck them cameras in front of the man, sing the hustlers mantra, hands of luck, more hits than gambling huff, I hollered Indosia, 40 belows covered the toes I was a soldier with the Popeyes sippin Amota. Nigga honestly I call this a culture my…sister’s a snake, my brother’s a vulture my mother’s the block my father’s a ghetto piranha swimming with sharks….
click here for the rest

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Quick 5 with James Carter

In this installment of the Q5 series I wanted to bring you another element of hip hop. I had the chance to go back and forth with James Carter. James is the brain (or hand?) behind the art at If you haven’t peeped this site forget the questions and go now!!! I was blown away when I saw his work. Here’s a quote from the bio on his website. Good Sh**!
“Now just because I’m selling my prints doesn’t mean I’ll do anything for the money.
What that means is that I’ll only do pieces of MCs and groups I consider to be “real” HipHop artists that represent the true spirit and art of HipHop culture, not these wack cats with no skills, exploiting a gimmick for money, platinum teeth, or whatever.
To put it more simply, there will be no pieces featuring Nelly, Trina, Mannie Fresh, or any other such champions of wackness.” continue reading

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Quick 5 with K Banger

Before I start let me say that if you want some bubble gum rap sh**, go to youtube and watch some old episodes of Degrassi High (The basketball player in the wheelchair). If you want some KRS Boom Bap Original Rap Sh** keep reading! Now that I got that off my chest let me tell you about K Banger. This dude is a tactician with words who has crazy knowledge of music overall (hip hop especially) Google this artist! Here we go! continue reading

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Quick 5 with D-Stroy

So I was chillin with Mills eating some picadera right…..I ask him “Yo, If you could make you’re own version of Triumph….who would you put on it? We went back and forth for about two hours discussing who would be on it and it what order. I thought it’d be a good idea to ask the same questions to D-Stroy. I wanted to see what responses the Rocksteady Brooklynite would deliver. continue reading

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