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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Tired of Ya’ll”

One of the Top 10 BEST MCs in the GAME…..As far as lyrics and MC skills….NOT album sales, radio spins, guest appearances, and other irrelevant reasoning that helps some rappers make other lists.

[audio:|titles=Royce Da 5′ 9 – Tired Of Ya’ll]

Singing: Boy you just a number…A-K-Hey, This four’ll put you under…A-K-Hey, Them fans don’t really trust you…A-K-Hey, That’s why my family is fuck you, I’m tired a ya’ll who thuggin, I’m tired a ya’ll who hard. I’m tired a ya’ll who thuggin, I’m tired a ya’ll who hard. I’m tired a ya’ll who thuggin, cuz all a ya’ll too hard I’m tired a ya’ll and all I know is I am gonna tear you apart.

Rapping: How can Hip Hop possibly expose me when I’m so real niggas can’t hold me Nickel’s so ill miss me with the Loud talk I’m trying to be a player, you Chris Rock talking to Kobe but I don’t play sports I play a lil game called make your face look like the front of Kanye’s Porsche….


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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Lemonade”

My vote for “Freestyle of the Year”

[audio:|titles=Joell Ortiz- Lemonade]

girl– new Joell Ortiz, Free Agent… J.O– Yaowa, Yaowa Joell Or–Tiz mix...girl– Free Agent

First of all I’m the realest, Down South I’ma bout to make the whole East Coast feel this, This dude is the illest I’m so cool this summer I’ma do chinchillas, Plus I ain’t never scared I’m fearless all you ever do is Cop Out, Bruce Willis.  I don’t wanna go to jail but I’ma kill this lemonade was a popular drink and it “STILL IS”  Had to take a sip of this with a flow that’s ridiculous you don’t know who this nigga is I get hoes like St. Nicholas every show is like Christamas I can just go and pick a gift get some dome in the sickest whip send her home when she finished with.  I aight no pimp but my talk game legitimate.  I’m from a housing tenement down in Brooklyn like B.I.G and them, I’ll be here Forever that’s why I stood next to Eminem.  Haters wanna be like me but that’ll just make em synonyms, Everytime I lift a pen baby boy I just get it in Maybe that’s why my pockets seem like they should be sponsored by Entenmanns.  You hit it right on the button I get them Benjamins My attitude could be so disgusting but I’m a gentleman.  But you violate I’ll annihilate your career this year I’ma make sure I buy Sanna Lathan a beer.  Like when doctors shocking your chest I’m just making it clear.  ‘010 is mine so give it up or I’m taking it there.  Everybody’s hands in the air it’s a stickup Don’t flinch don’t move don’t hiccup I don’t wanna hear you breathe you wheeze Ortiz’ll be lightin this bitch up.  This been my dream since I was 13 in the seventh grade, when I hear my record played it feels sweeter than lemonade.

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Red Cafe ft. Talib Kweli- I Luv

[audio:|titles=Red Cafe ft Talib Kweli – I Luv clean] Some new goodies from Red Cafe. Good to hear Talib over a Pete Rock beat. Hopefully they collab again in the future.
Click Here or on the photo above to download.

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Saigon: “Greatest Story Never Told” Due 2011

Saigon announces that “The Greatest Story Never Told” album will FINALLY be released on February 2011. This sure SOUNDS good…but I will believe it when I hear it….I CAN’T WAIT TO BELIEVE IT!!

He also told fans that he will give them a nice appetizer by releasing an EP next week.

Here’s my PRE-Appetizer…a few classic Saigon tracks that made me a fan:

[audio:|titles= Saigon – True Story]


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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Stones”

This track is off his new mixtape, On the Road to Glory, My Story.  If you are not familiar with this MC, please check this out.  This is the type of passion, lyrics, and message that makes him so unique and talented…..He’s a Beast.


[audio:|titles=Gemstones- Stones]

This record ain’t meant for rappers, this ain’t for strippin usage, this ain’t for pistol clappin, this ain’t typical music,  The radio rejects it, they trying to diffuse it, Lupe told me to take Rick Ross label, I refused it, We feeding our children poison, we killin off our future, Arabs on every corner, they only here to juke us, 2-0-1-2’s to warn us, I think they trying to spook us, they forcing Gucci Mane on us to keep us in a stooper,  God have His grace upon us, His miracles are super, His mercy is enormous, commandments ain’t the loosest, the globe is getting warmer, the government rebuked us, the price of gold is rising, the U.S. fucking useless, unemployment lines is longer,   the plan is not to school us, wisdom’s  served more than diamonds, so pray for your medulla,  besides the kids are dying,  it’s nothing left to do but, I take it my assignment,   Jesus come and scoop us

Verse 2

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Quick 5 with SEN ONE UZN

Winter in America
In this installment of the Q5 series I had the opportunity to kick it with the legendary SEN ONE. SEN ONE has been scribing hip hop since hip hop was taking baby steps. His fascination for art began when he first saw the rolling canvas (a.k.a. the subway train) in NYC. SEN ONE uses his art to send a positive message and to open a portal into his creative mind. As a member of the Universal Zulu Nation, SEN ONE spreads creativity, knowledge and wisdom to uplift himself and others in his community. It is with great pleasure to introduce SEN ONE!

SEN ONE, I have a few questions before we move into the Quick 5. continue

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Quick 5 with Eternia

I was in a clothing store in Montreal QC 2 years ago and while shopping I was listening to the background music. The M.C. that was spittin’ was just going crazy on the track! I went up to the person at the counter and he told me that it was a Canadian M.C. named Eternia. I remember asking the dude if he had a copy of the cd they were playing but they didn’t. When I got back to Jersey I found some material and was blown away by the wordplay! Since then I’d have to say that “My favorite rapper wears a skirt!” It’s funny because the way she spits does not match her appearance. I envisioned a woman who looked like Latrell Sprewell with a chin strap. continue

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The Genius of Justin Bua: A 7th Boro Exclusive


Back in the days when I worked in our local mall, I was checking out the art store(shout out to Deck The Walls). I flipped through a few prints until I saw one that really caught my eye. It caught my eye because it was something I could relate to…… the person in it resembled my brother. I’m talking about Justin Bua’s “The DJ”.

continue reading

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Quick 5 with Leon Rainbow

Leon Rainbow
In this installment of the Q5 series I had the pleasure to go back and forth with Trenton’s own Leon Rainbow. Leon’s art isn’t limited to city walls. His art has been presented in galleries, on cars, and on the best canvas of them all…..a women’s body!

Leon also serves as an Executive Director of Albus Cavus, a non-profit organization based in D.C., that utilizes the power of public art for community development and revitalization of public spaces. Annually, Leon curates two art festivals in New Jersey for area painters and the community as well as dedicating his civic duty to teaching several workshops for the Trenton After-School Program. Leon is definitely grinding daily! Okay, here we go. continue reading>

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