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The White Shadow of Norway: “Destiny”

Huge shout out to my homie White Shadow for this special delivery. His new producer album drops today on itunes.Make sure you support! I have a copy of the album and it is crazy! If you missed the interview you can peep it here.

Here is one of the many bangers on this album. Peep it!
[audio:|titles=The White Shadow feat. KRS-One, Ras Kass, Joell Ortiz, and Kool G Rap – Underground] White Shadow ft. KRS-ONE, Ras Kass, Joell Ortiz, and Kool G Rap- Underground

continue for tracklist and more!

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This DATE in Hip Hop (14 years ago)

On October 29, 1996, Ghostface Killah released his debut album: Ironman. This is one of the earlier Wu-Tang albums and easily one of the best. This album had many guest verses from Wu-Tang members and production by RZA.

My personal favorite tracks: “Daytona 500”, “Soul Controller”, “Fish”, “Winter Warz”, “All That I Got is You”….What is your favorite??

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Joe Budden- “Follow My Lead” video

That Mood Muzik 4 is sick. Easily one of the best mixtapes of the year.

Joe Buddens murders this track and if it was a solo track I would have NO problem with it….but Joell also does his thing and since the video is missing his verse….here it is:[audio:|titles=”Follow Your Lead”- Joell Ortiz verse]

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Black Irish Interview

With an album coming very soon…. Here is an interview so you can get to know a little more about this Jersey MC.

Mills: What is meaning of your name: Black Irish?

BI: Black Irish is a term used to describe Irish people with dark features (dark hair, dark eyes)….It’s a term my mother introduced to me because my family is all white Irish people with dark features….I’ve learned that it’s a term that has a lot of meanings to a lot of different people…I know black people that are Irish that use it to describe themselves and it’s also a term used to describe all Irish people when they came to America during the potato famine which was 1847 (Black 47)….Thanks for asking this question because now I can fully explain it…Basically for me it was a term used by my family and I decided it described me best because it’s a part of my heritage and it also describes me because I feel like my music and thoughts can be dark at times and I definitely always felt like a black sheep, a rebel so that’s pretty much it….It stands out and it’s powerful especially in this country when majority of people automatically assume it means I’m Irish and Black but it has a deeper meaning than just race…

Mills: Who are some of your influences? What made you want to be an MC?

BI: Well I started writing when I was 7 years old like poetry and little raps and then I heard “Don’t Sweat The Technique” and “Know The Ledge” by Rakim and that was it for me…I know write from there at age 10 that I wanted to rap. As far as influences I would say Gangstarr, Boot Camp, Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill, House Of Pain and Rage Against The Machine really influenced my music. Those groups created a sound that touched my soul and still does. It’s not only music. It feels like a soundtrack to my life. I’m a fan of all music though. My father put me on to Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin etc. and my mom put me on to more soulful r&b music. So I listen to everything.

Mills: If you can set up a “dream” concert…Who would it include?

Check out his lineup and his new track

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too

WELCOME to 7th BORO: Hip Hop City

I am just a fan of Hip Hop…a fan who appreciates LYRICS.  LYRICS that are clever, smart, honest, knowledgeable, deep, passionate, and thought provoking.  I KNOW that Real Hip Hop is out there and I SEE that Wack rappers are also out there. Unfortunately, the wack rappers are getting all the shine.  They get 97.1 percent of the radio spins and 106 dance videos a day on television.  Too many wack rappers are disrespecting Hip Hop with their lyrics.  LYRICS that either make no sense, are nursery rhymes, are auto tuned, or depict an extremely FAKE “thug”, “gangsta” or “mafia” lifestyle.  But when those  LYRICS are backed with a catchy beat or an even more catchier dance, the LYRICS are overlooked and considered irrelevant.  I want to make the LYRICS important again.  The average ear doesn’t grasp the MC’s lyrics.  They don’t realize how clever they are.  Sometimes it takes someone to read these lyrics to get the full effect. Even the truest Hip Hop fan can sometimes listen to a track and miss something.

Be on the look out for: LYRICS I LIKE…AND YOU SHOULD TOO. These lyrics will  NOT come from an album.  These lyrics will most likely NOT be found on your ordinary “lyrics” website.  The track and lyrics will come from a freestyle, a mixtape, or a guest appearance.  Read carefully and Enjoy. CHECK OUT THE ARCHIVES HERE

[audio:|titles=Jin- G.O.L.D.E.N (verse)]

Lets take it back to the basics..
Cuz face it..
Nowadays it’s all about the beats..
Lyrics are wasted..
Simple minds get nothing at all..
I’m saying what you think the rewind button is for…
If I was your A&R every verse be declined..
You a grown man, why you kicking nursery rhymes?..
Fooling the public with the rubbish you create..
Hoping they won’t notice it beneath the 8O8s..
It’s a shame that your tactics are affective..
It seems like listeners are not as selective..

Download complete track

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