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This DATE in Hip Hop (13 yrs ago)

Big PunisherCapital Punishment: On April 28, 1998, Big Pun released his debut album. He displays a lyrical barrage like no other. His flow, rhyme scheme, and delivery are flawless. The production on this was outstanding. This is an absolute NO SKIP album… Even the skits were entertaining (had EVERYONE saying “Pakinamacin the back of tha Ac”). With this classic album, Pun became the first Latin solo MC to go platinum. It SHOULD HAVE won the 1999 Grammy for Best Rap Album, but he was jerked (like the Source Awards). I can’t pinpoint my favorite MC of all time or my favorite track of all time…. but, This is without a doubt, MY FAVORITE ALBUM OF ALL TIME.

Producers: Juju, Rockwilder, Knobody, L.E.S., Pun, Fat Joe, RZA, Showbiz, Mike Zulu, Domingo, and others.

Guest Appearances: Black Thought, Inspectah Deck, Prodigy, Fat Joe, Triple Seis, Cuban Link, Noreaga, Armageddon, Prospect, Wyclef Jean, Busta Rhymes, Joe, and Miss Jones.

He delivers insane lyrics and flawless flow on Beware and Dream Shatterer… sick guest verses on Super Lyrical and Tres Leches… radio hits with I’m Not a Player and Still Not a Player… crazy story in Fast Money… MORE insane lyrics and flawless flow on Capital Punishment and Twinz.. but here is MY FAVORITE TRACK

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Danimosity​:​ The Remixes

It’s always a risk whenever remixing classics because it’s only natural to compare them to the originals. Danimal does an excellent job at adding his own flavor to each track while keeping the cohesiveness of them all. If you’re going to remix classics……this is the way it should be done. Enjoy.

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Dregs One – The Wake Up Call [mixtape]

Dregs One is an MC, producer, and community worker from San Francisco, CA. A month ago I posted the first single off this mixtape: WAKE UP. Here is how Dregs One explains the concepts behind this mixtape:

“The whole concept of The Wake Up Call comes from my decision make my music mean something and have an impact on the listener. Basically I think that the most critical issues facing us today are being slept on by the average person. I also feel like my music has been slept on for most of the time I’ve been putting it out”

Later on this year he will drop his debut album of the same title. For now, DON’T SLEEP and listen to this mixtape with good lyrics, significant topics, and dope beats.


Share : facebooktwittergoogle plus (of dead prez) – Runner’s High [video]

After over 1o years as half of dead prez, released his first solo album, The Workout on april 12, 2011. This is the first video off the health & fitness-themed, hip-hop album. Here is what says about the album:

“I wanted to make a record that has the power to motive me. Something authentic enough so that when I don’t feel like running, if I put it on, I will feel like running. Music has that power. My goal is to share my motivation with the most widespread audience; all ages, all different types of people, as many as possible.”


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Brown Bag All Stars – Crumbling Down

[audio:|titles=Brown Bag AllStars – Crumbling Down (prod. Mr. Green)] Brown Bag AllStars – Crumbling Down (prod. Mr. Green)

The Brown Bag AllStars are hard at work in the studio wrapping up their debut album (due out next year), so in the meantime they’ve decided to drop a double-disc project of rare & unreleased material to hold the fans over. Brown Bag Season Vol. 1 drops on May 17. Enjoy the first leak off the project, “Crumbling Down” produced by Mr. Green.

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JONYFRAZE – Rhythm & Brews 2

Back in 2010, Justin Bua and I discussed the definition of a renaissance man in Hip Hop. Back in the days you couldn’t get away with being good at only one of the elements of Hip Hop….you had to be nice in a few them. Fast forward to 2011 to an artist MC named JONYFRAZE. He is what we call a triple threat in Hip Hop. He rhymes, makes beats, and is a turntablist (rare art these days). JONYFRAZE utilizes all of these tools and brings us his latest project, Rhythm & Brews 2. If you’re a fan of Hip Hop music (you should be if you are here) then this one is for you! (Did you catch the beer reference?) Peace.

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MED – Superman [Video]

Here are the visuals for “Superman” off MED’s “Bang Ya Head 3” project. J Rocc of the Bumrush Bros. is on production. The scratching on this track is pretty damn amazing……then again, it is J Rocc!

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Enlish ft. Sean Price – Arrogance Is Bliss

Take a listen to this MC from London. Like I always say: Hip Hop can be ANYWHERE… as long as you represent it the right way. Enlish is doing his thing and gets a sick verse from from P.

Enlish ft. Sean Price – Arrogance Is Bliss [audio:|titles=Enlish-Arrogance_Is_Bliss_(Feat_Sean_Price__Stig)-]


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This DATE in Hip Hop (17 yrs ago)

OutkastSouthernplayalisticadillacmuzik: On April 26, 1994, the Legendary duo released their debut album. They created and perfected the Dirty South and G Funk sound on this album. An incredible dispaly of smooth flow over just as smooth beats. The lyrics were very clever and laid back. Their careers have been incredible and highly successful, well THIS album is where it ALL STARTED. Don’t sleep on this classic.

Production: Organized Noize.

Special Guests: Cee Lo Green, Khujo, and Big Gipp.

A good intro to the album in Myintrotoletuknow… smooth and drive slow music in Funky Ride, Crumblin Erb, and D.E.E.P…. the classics Hootie Hoo, Player’s Ball, and Click here for MY FAVORITE

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