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Eddie B. – Keep Sleepin [prod. Harry Fraud]

“Automatically more hits than Don Mattingly”

Very dope track with sick lyrics and a nice beat. But nothing is better than his message:

“I don’t care if you don’t acknoledge me, I make music for myself, and I ain’t never stopping B”

Eddie B. – Keep Sleepin [prod. Harry Fraud] [audio:|titles=Eddie B – Keep Sleepin]


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Nino Bless ft. Johnny Cash – God’ll Cut You Down

First track off a new 10 track project he’s almost done with titled “A Bitch Named Karma”.

Nino Bless ft. Johnny Cash – God’ll Cut You Down
[audio:|titles=Nino Bless ft Johnny Cash – God’ll Cut You Down]


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Raekwon- Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang [Complex Album Preview]

With Raekwon’s album, Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang set to drop March 9, the good people at Complex were given a chance to listen and preview the album. (LUCKY THEM). Well, they did a great job breaking down the album track by track. This album is most definitely another very early nominee for Album of the Year.


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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: Opportunity Knocks

It’s been a while since I posted some Lyrics I Liked…but I will be getting more consistent. I heard this track and was extremely impressed so here we go….Listen, Read, and Enjoy Hip Hop.

NICK JAVAS – Opportunity Knocks (prod DJ Premier)

[audio:|titles=NICK JAVAS – Opportunity Knocks (prod DJ Premier)]

Opportunity knocks, you better listen or you miss it
Nah, but not me, see I was born to glisten, in other words shine, since the day of my Christening
And not just from the Holy Water dripping off the dome like flows with Jim Prowes I’m spittin
And compare me to the legend from the home of the Pistons,
must’ve been your vision that was in on that decision.
Thank you, for real, but you gotta be kidding., compare me to Mr. Mathers
See I know I showed talent and potential but so did Hank Gathers,
Rest in Peace, meanwhile let’s increase the love for the game invented in the streets of the South South Bronx
Cant rep the Boro cause I am from the Jerz and I’m definitely thorough
My confidence, makes it pretty hard to stay modest, truthfully seems I’m heating up the booth, Preem be honest.


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Hopsin- Trampoline

Check out this MC, producer, and director from Southern California. Off his Raw album…this guy has sick lyrics and a crazy flow. Expecting big things in 2011 for Hopsin.

Find more on Hopsin and PURCHASE Raw HERE and follow him @Hopsin

Hopsin- Trampoline
[audio:|titles=Hopsin – Trampoline]

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The 7th Boro Files v.10 (MC’s Must Get Dissed)

Here is a little something out of the archives. I sometimes feel that classics shouldn’t be remixed. This one definitely compliments the original though. Listen.
[audio:…-Square-Lohkoh-Remix-2009.mp3|titles=Black Moon – How Many MC’s (Square Lohkoh Remix)] Black Moon – How Many MC’s (Square Lohkoh Remix)

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Raekwon IS a Legend (he thinks he’s not?)

Raekwon: I Don’t Consider Myself a Legend from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

I see where he’s coming from….trying to be modest and humble….but Check it, If Rae is not a LEGEND… then the 7th BORO is not Hip Hop….so, yea, Rae is a LEGEND!!!

Notice how someone who really is a LEGEND downplays it…but so many wack rappers act so arrogant, big headed, and overconfident. WHY IS THAT??

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Common- Believer (live)

While in Hawaii, Common performs for the first time a new track called, Believer. His newest album was said to be titled Believer and it is suppossed to be mostly Kanye West produced (hopefully similar to Be and Finding Forever) Stay tuned for the latest.

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