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The 7th Boro Files v.13 (Sweeter Than A Mango!)

This is one of those tracks that you never forget because the beat and lyrics (especially Cormega’s verse) are so crazy. This beat is definitely in my top 20 all time! Listen to this QB goodness!
[audio:|titles=Cormega ft Mobb Deep – Killaz Theme] Cormega ft. Mobb Deep – Killaz Theme
“My mac milli; sweeter than a mango!”

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Melle Mel (Respect Legends!)

As the primary lyricist for Grandmaster Flash and the Furious 5, Melle Mel was responsible for some of Hip-Hop’s earliest hits such as “Superrappin”, “Birthday Party”, as well as many eternal classics like “Beat Street”, “White Lines (Don’t Do It)”, “The Message”, and “New York, New York”. Melle Mel was the 1st to MC in a new rhyme cadence, and he changed the way every MC rhymed thereafter. His downbeat on the two, four, kick to snare cadence is still the rhyme foundation MCs build on today. Melle Mel showed the Hip-Hop world that we could use the music for more than dance. We could communicate our social, political, and spiritual views to try to help each other shed light on major issues. He is one of the most respected MCs in Hip-Hop history with an unparalleled lyrical ability.

Show love to The Originators.

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This DATE in Hip Hop (24 years ago)

Boogie Down Productions- Criminal Minded: On March 3, 1987, Boogie Down Productions released their first album. The original members of BDP comprised of KRS-One, D-Nice, and DJ Scott La Rock. It can be argued that the hardcore and “gangsta rap” originated from this album. The cover was one of, if not, the first to have Hip Hop artists holding firearms. Also, this album had tracks that were a part of Hip Hop’s first major rap battle. KRS-ONE came through with amazing lyrics and a powerful and commanding voice. It is too bad that DJ Scott La Rock was murdered on August 27, 1987, months after the release of this Hip Hop classic and building block. R.I.P. Scott La Rock.

Production: Scott La Rock, KRS-One, Ced-Gee.

Sick lyrics on Poetry, Criminal Minded, and Word From Our Sponsor… insane stories on 9mm Goes Bang and The P is Free…. of course South Bronx was an incredible anthem and diss track… but Click HERE for MY FAVORITE TRACK

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DJ Absurd feat. Craig G – “Slap Nerds”

Props to Jersey’s own DJ Adsurd for representing Hip Hop to the fullest. Whether it’s on the radio (Ear To The Streets Show) or live (Lyrical Graffiti in New Brunswick), Absurd is always destroying the 1200’s. Here we have him showing his production talents with Juice Crew legend Craig G. Some clips in this video were filmed at the legendary Fat Beats. Watch.

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Cashmere – Blue N Orange (NY Knicks Anthem)

I’m by no means a fan of the NY Knicks or even basketball at that. I’ll tell you one thing though….It’s pretty crazy to see New York City excited about their team again. I haven’t seen this many Knicks fans since the days of John Starks. Listen.
[audio:|titles=CASHMERE BLUE N ORANGE (KNICKS THEME SONG)] Cashmere – Blue N Orange (NY Knicks Anthem)


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Rapper Big Pooh – Freebasin’ feat. Carlitta Durand

Big Pooh, Phonte and 9th Wonder need to put all nonsense aside and make another Little Brother album. Don’t get me wrong…..they can all hold it down on their own but they’re so much greater as a group.
[audio:|titles=Rapper_Big_Pooh-Freebasin_(Feat_Carlitta_Durand)] Rapper Big Pooh – Freebasin’ feat. Carlitta Durand

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Remember the good old days?
The days when you couldn’t wait for that new album to come out?
The day that it FINALLY dropped and you went to the store to actually PURCHASE it?
That feeling you got as you ripped open the plastic cover and pulled out and opened the book?

That was a great time in Hip Hop when fans were fans and ALWAYS SUPPORTED the artists. Now, because of album leaks and free downloading, these albums are not getting the true SUPPORT they deserve. Albums are free and tracks are free…then we wonder why it is so tough for our favorite MCs to keep putting out music. I started this site to SUPPORT the MCs. So, it was horrible to see all these tracks off two of the MOST ANTICIPATED albums of this year being leaked with “Free Download” links. They work way too hard to give us the dope Hip Hop that we crave, for us to be stealing it.


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