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Slick Rick’s “Children’s Story” Children’s Book (Record Store Day 2017)

Yes yes yes! The day has arrived!. Record Store Day 2017 is here. Today is the the that you (the fan of music) go out and support your local mom and pop record shops no matter what kind of music you enjoy. Every year I search for different Hip Hop collectibles to add to my existing collection when I came across the Holy Grail of Hip Hop collectibles. No! I’m not talking about Ghostface Killah‘s bird bracelet, Freeway‘s beard, Flavor Flav‘s clock or Slick Rick’s eye patch. I’m talking about the book Slick Rick read during his classic son, Children’s Story. You know how it goes:

(High pitch voice)Uncle Ricky, could you read us a bedtime story?
Please, huh, please?
Alright, you kids get to bed, I’ll get the storybook
Y’all tucked in?

Well the great folks at Get On Down have released a collectible book with Slick Rick’s classic tale. According to Get On Down, “It’s an 18-page, puffy-cover children’s book with illustrations detailing Rick’s classic cops-and-robbers story single from 1988”.

I think it’s safe to say that I will be copping this. This is must for any fan of the culture. Check out your local record store and you might get lucky.

Stay Healthy!

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John Jigg$ – Flip The Script Radio Freestyle (Video)

The homie and 7thBoro mainstay John Jigg$ is always doing big things and this is no different. Jigg$ kicks some radiator bars for Flip The Script Radio and sets the studio on fire! If anyone can ride a beat, he can!! Dude is one of my favorite up and comers and YOU should be checking for him too. Peep the dopeness below and hit him up on Twitter @Jiggsthegreat and also check for Flip The Script Radio @Ftsrhiphop. Also stay tuned for the upcoming ‘Twin Cannons’ project on the way!

Share : facebooktwittergoogle plus Premiere: ILL Gordon – Super Gordo (Single)

Ill Gordon, who hails from Chicago, drops his first single of the year and he’s not playing games. You can immediately tell from the opening few seconds that this will leave your neck sore from nodding. Taking the moniker of Super Gordo, Ill saves the day from wack rappers and sets the stage for his debut album coming this summer. Look for more from Ill Gordon here on 7thBoro as he carries Chicago on his back for 2017. Find ILL Gordon online on Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and sign up for his mailing list. Premiere: ILL Gordon – Super Gordo

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