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NECRO – 7th Boro Interview


Necro. Some people hate him. Some people love him. That pretty much sums it up. Unless you’ve listened to his music, there’s really no way to describe this man in a short paragraph. Rapper. Producer. Business man. Entrepreneur. This man wears many coats. And most of them are fur.

Spek27: So, what’s going on in Necro’s life?

Necro: Chillin’. Just grinding, working hard on my brand.

Spek27: How do you feel about this Non Phixion reunion? If it’s legit, will you do any new production for them?

Necro: I dont care. And no.

Spek27: A lot of artists you came up with went on to have success (and failure) with major labels. Did any majors ever try to come at you at any point?

Necro: Nah, never had a major label offer.

Spek27: Is it true you made a million dollars off of music & lost it all?

Necro: No, that is false. I grossed a million dollars in 2004 and it cost 900k, because of expenses and bad investing like expensive videos and co-op ads. I have made more money since. Some I lose and some gets invested. I am in business 15 years and still going strong. Anyone that runs a real business as long as me will understand. Most dont, so most have no fucking clue.

Spek27: Do you still hate Mc Serch?

Necro: No. I gave him props recently for his accomplishments. He was a dick back then when I first met him. I was a knucklehead thug, it didnt mix.

Spek27: What’s a better album, Reign In Blood or And Justice For All?

Necro: Reign is equal to Master, so Reign trumps And Justice just because its equal with Master and Master is better than And Justice.

Spek27: I really liked the stuff you did with Al Tariq & Missin’ Linx and the track you did with Raekwon. Is there any particular reason you don’t do more production for artists outside of your camp?

Necro: I dont care to…doesnt excite me. I get excited building my own brand and controlling my destiny, not handing over beats for someone else to decide if they rock with me. That’s why i have no boss. I’m not looking to make egotistical corny rappers my boss.

Spek27: Any albums you were a part of that you would erase from your catalog if you could?

Necro: I did erase a few. The ones you don’t see selling on itunes have been eliminated becauseIi dont care to help rappers that didn’t appreciate my help in the first place. Fuck ’em.

Spek27: What’s the strangest thing you ever did with a female fan?

Necro: We pissed on one in Finland. Hahaha… for the hell of it.

Spek27: What are some things fans do that annoy you the most? What will get someone punched in the face?

Necro: Getting asked constantly for my collabo price from brokesters that aren’t bout it. They have no loot and wanna waste my time hoping I do verses for a rate they can pay, which is nothing. They are 99% of the time idiots that I wish didnt message me. If you talk shit to my face or say anything I find disrespectful, you will get cracked.

Spek27: What can we expect from Necro in 2015?

Necro: I’m dropping tons of new music, so expect more insanity. Longevity is key, so you know my steez.

Spek27: Last words?

Necro: Respect to all my necromaniacs, salute!!!! Cop the new Sadist Hitz release I dropped and check out Necro Product for the new shirt pre-order and go to itunes and Amazon for the Necro/PLR catalog.

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