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M-Dot – egO anD The eneMy (Album Review) (Album Stream)


Boston emcee M-Dot dropped the first half of his 2-part album egO anD The eneMy back on January 27th. Yes I know I’m slacking, don’t judge me! Life. I had a chance to skim through the album, plus I have heard all the leaks up until now so I am pretty hyped for this project. Especially since although he has dropped a few tracks here and there this will be his first release since the mixed tape Jake LaDotta back in 2014 and his first full length album Run MPC since 2010. If you’re not a fan of M-Dot (yet…but seriously where have you been?) or especially if you are join me as I review his new project track by track and give this album a thorough listen. And although Leeps will say “I posted it already” link to the album follows the review. Check it out!


1.Intro (Prod. By KAN)

This is actually a real chill intro. I know it’s laid back but it sets the tone for the entire album.

2.Dreamscape (Prod. By Marco Polo)

This Marco Polo beat is ill and M-Dot flows nicely against the backdrop. This is a great opening track. *In rotation

3.Foreign (Prod. By Jon Glass)

Another banger. * In rotation

4.Days Are All the Same (Prod. By Hi Tek)

I can fuck with this.

5.Chrissy (Prod. By Buckwild)

I am still on the fence with this one. It’s not exactly a skip song (I wouldn’t skip on a playthrough) but at the same time even though the lyrics are on point I don’t know how I feel about it yet. It’s a dope beat, but I’m just not sure they go together. It’s one of those need to grow on me tracks. I’ll add it to my rotation and let you know.

6.Nomads Ft. Krumb Snatcha (Prod. By Khrysis) (Cuts By DJ DJaz)

This is dope. I really appreciate M-Dot waiting until track 7 before throwing on a feature. It gives fans, and new listeners a chance to appreciate him as an artist before hearing what he sounds like on a collaborative effort. Either way this bangs. *in rotation

7.The Empathy (Prod. By Large Professor)

This is too ill. I love this beat. *in rotation

8.Gleamin’ Ft. B.A.M (Prod. & Cuts By Marley Marl)

Yes! I love the cuts on this. This sounds like some classic shit. And M-Dot and B.A.M. is a good look. They play off one another’s energy nicely. *in rotation

9.Give It To Me (Prod. By Jon Glass)

This is the perfect track for the almost halfway point on this project. The energy is switched up a bit and it just transitions well. This is exactly what I mean when I talk about an album’s overall flow. Would I have appreciated this as much in a different order on the album? I really don’t know. *in rotation

10.Fugazzi Ft. Jaysaun (Prod. By LX Beats)

This is an interesting track. It’s one of those either you love it or hate it. Hit me up in a week or two and I will let you know which way I have gone.

11.No Excuses (Prod. By Snowgoons) (Cuts By DJ JS-1)

This is a good song. I wish he had chosen a different beat. Now don’t get me wrong I am a fan of Snowgoons and on its own I like the beat, I just don’t know how it meshes on this track.

12.Shine Ft. Method Man & Dominique Larue (Prod. By Soulplusmind)

This song is ill. I can fuck with this heavy. Dominique Larue continues to flash on my radar. And no, unlike other blogs that shall not be named, I am not co-signing this because of the “name on the feature” Ijs *in rotation

13.Meow Mix (Prod. By Jon Glass)
I’ll admit…with a name like Meow Mix I said wtf. But I fuck with this. *in rotation

14.True Lies Ft. Camp Lo & Tribeca (Prod. & Cuts By LP2)

This beat is dope. These cuts are dope. This sample is dope. The features are dope. M-Dot is dope. *in rotation

15.Reliant (Prod. By Whatson) (Cuts By DJ 7L)

Okay here is a placement issue. This song is good. I really do like it but I felt it could have benefited from being earlier in the track listing. If you’re like me and like to listen to an album straight through and not on shuffle the first time, you’ll understand what I mean.

16.Death To Raquel (Prod. By Soulplusmind)

Hmmmm. Not sure how I feel about this track yet. I don’t dislike it but I also wasn’t as hyped as I was from previous tracks.
17.911 (Prod. By Es-K)

This is a fitting closing track. The album started off chill and ends on the same note. I can fuck with it.

Whenever I see a 17 + track album, instinctively I prepare myself. I wonder is this going to be too long and repetitive? I didn’t have that issue with egO anD The eneMy. The overall flow of the album made this an easy listen. This definitely has re-playability (yes I make up my own words). Not only that but M-Dot proves that he knows the importance of beat selection and placement in a longer album. Two factors that some emcees miss the mark on. Overall this was a solid project and I have a good number of tracks in my rotation. I honestly can’t decide which is my favorite track. I know it’s early but I will say this might be a contender for AOTY…yes I said it. And if the music that comes after this is even better then hip-hop is in for a damn good year!

Overall: A-

If you haven’t already copped this album I urge you to do so now. You won’t be disappointed. This is most definitely Scy approved.

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