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Kid Vishis – 7th Boro Interview

If you haven’t heard already, Detroit’s own Kid Vishis is set to drop his debut album on July 22nd. It’s been a long time coming leading up to this point. Vishis has put in a lot work over the years. It started out with him freestyling in his mother’s basement with his brother Royce the 5’9; to dropping the Sick Em’ mixtape series; to rocking shows with Rakim, Ghostface, Slick Rick, & Talib Kweli. This new album is the product of years of hard work and dedication to his craft.

On behalf of the 7th Boro I’d like to thank you for taking the time out to make this happen. So let’s get started.

What are some of your earliest hip hop influences? Was there a monumental moment when you were like “This is what I’m going to do!”

My oldest brother Greg would always bring home underground hip hop music, you know, the artist that really could spit just as nice as anybody but didn’t quite get their credit yet from ALL coasts. I think that was inspiration as far as my love for hip hop. I had not seen Eminem since I was younger and didn’t even rap yet, I went with Royce up to Em’s studio and when Em seen me he was like “Whattup Sonny Jim? I been hearing you man, I told yo brother he better watch his ass” Lol! Man, that took me to a whole other level!

You’re dropping an album on the 22nd July titled “Timing is Everything”. How did that title come about?

It’s just where I’m at as an artist. I feel like though I still have lots of work to do, I have grown a lot as an all around MC and it’s just my time to put music out to the world and let them witness my growth. No better time than the present.

How does it feel to put in so much work and finally have your debut album drop?

It feels great actually! The work I had been putting in was mainly just verses. I never had a blueprint or never thought it was a rulebook that says its a specific time that you have to drop your album so I’ve just been moving to my own flow and the time just so happens to be July 22.

Having an older brother myself, I always try to do things better than him. You ever find you and your brother trying to out rhyme each other?

Well, Yes lol.. We always compete when we get on a track man. Its like competitive sparring with each other. I’ve never seen another rapper have the fire, desire, and work ethic like Royce so if you don’t bring your A+ game to the lab he will literally embarrass the hell out of you and I don’t like being washed up on a record by anybody so I go hard and the result is determined by the public.

You have a healthy collection of music that you’ve released. Which track /tracks are you most proud of and why?

To date, I’m most proud of the Timing Is Everything album. I say this because it represents a new time in my life, new growth, and new adventures. It’s pretty much the start of a new beginning and I’m excited to record new songs all the time and a new album this year isn’t out of the question.


You have recorded with many talented MCs over the years. Are there any other artists (Hip Hop or any other genre) who you would like to work with?

Yes! I want to go on a collab tour lol! I love vibing with all different types of great minds whether they are popular or not. I wanted to do a collab mixtape where it’s a feature on every record just to show my appreciation to MC’s that motivate me all around the world.

If you could create your own Michigan Fab 5 (Top MCs / Producers) who would be in it?

Royce, Eminem, Elzhi, Streetlord Juan, and John Connor for the MCs. Mr. Porter, Chanes, Helluva, J Oneal, and No Speakers for producers.

What’s next for Kid Vishis?

More music from albums to mix tapes, I plan on touring this year after the album drops. The elevation of Kid Vishis starts on July 22 and I just plan on working harder and proving to the hip hop world that I belong, and make them remember me for being a lyrical assassin.

The elevation of Kid Vishis starts on July 22 and I just plan on working harder and proving to the hip hop world that I belong, and make them remember me for being a lyrical assassin. -Kid Vishis

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Well I def wanna give a big shouts out to 7th Boro for the interview. I also just want my supporters to know that I love each and every single one of you guys, without you I am nothing and just look forward to hearing Kid Vishis and seeing more visuals from me. I honestly feel like this is my year yet it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks again. Luv.

Kid Vishis – “Timing is Everything” releases 22nd July 2014 on Seven 13 Entertainment

It will be available internationally on digital and physical formats, and can be pre-ordered with autographed copies from

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