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Joell Ortiz- “Taking My Talents to YAOWA”: The “Free Agent” Appetizer [mixtape]

I’m NOT a DJ, but here’s a little something I put together. As you know Joell Ortiz has been a Free Agent for a while. He also happens to be one of the best MCs in the game since ’98. This is a collection of his verses, and ONLY his verses.  Hopefully Eminem does his best Pat Riley impression and signs him already.


DOWNLOAD “Taking My Talents to YAOWA”: the Free Agent Appetizer [mixtape]

Props to Stroydnaire for the artwork


1.     YAOWA intro

2.     4 in The Clip

3.     6 in the Morning

4.     125 Grams Part 2

5.     All the Right Moves

6.     Banned From the Net

7.     Brooklyn (rmx)

8.     Brooklyn Let’s Go

9.     Chyna White

10.   Cuckoo

11.   Cut You Loose

12.   Duffle Bag

13.   Fight Club

14.   Fighters (rmx)

15.   Follow Your Lead

16.   Ghetto

17.   Ghetto pt. 2

18.   God Forgive Me

19.   Grudge Me

20.   Head Up

21.   Hip Hop (rmx)

22.   Hip Hop Weekly 11

23.   Hit Em With the Shottie

24.   Hold It Down

25.   Hood Love

26.   Hostile Gospel (rmx)

27.   If You Love Me

28.   I’ll Be Good

29.   It’s Funny How

30.   Killaz

31.   Latin Assassins

32.   Line Em Up

33.   Lyrical Murder

34.   Microphone

35.   Modern Day Slavery

36.   Motherland

37.   Move On

38.   Night in my P’s

39.   Not Tonight

40.   Nuffin

41.   Onslaught 2

42.   Onslaught

43.   Pandemonium

44.   Pray

45.   Prowler

46.   Put On (rmx)

47.   Rain Drops

48.   Return of the Rican

49.   Salute

50.   Session 1

51.   Sing Like Bilal (rmx)

52.   Slaughterhouse

53.   So Much More

54.   So Wrong

55.   Sound Off

56.   Spartans

57.   Stomp Thru

58.   Stressful

59.   That Work for the Streets

60.   The Cypher

61.   This is Hip Hop

62.   Time is Money

63.   Underground

64.   Wack MCs

65.   Walking on the Air

66.   Warriors

67.   We Don’t Believe You

68.   We Outta Here

69.   We Run NY

70.   We See Ya’ll

71.   Woodstock

72.   Work

73.   BONUS– D.O.A. freestyle

Let me know what YOUR FAVORITE verse is…..


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  • Yo, you sir are a F***in’ genius! Mad props for this!

  • Look forward to this gentelmen,UP’SSsss,i’m delerious.

  • i agree.. joell ortiz is second to pun. he is one of the greatest of all time. check out my hop hop site at email me because i would like to work with you guys in the future

  • Matthew, thanks for showing our site love. I will mos definitely get at you. Peace.

  • “Hip Hop prayed and GOD gave Pun right back”

    He is a beast and after listening to this collection of his verses, I realized that no one rides a beat better than him.

  • That was very interesting, thanks. I’ll be sure to add you to my rss reader if I can figure it out. By the way, I found a new template for my own blog recently from this free wordpress theme site, maybe you can find one too!