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J.O. The Last Man – 7th Boro Interview


SPEK27: Most people reading this are probably seeing your name for the first time. Tell us who you are.

J.O.: My name is J.O. The Last Man. I rapped for about 15 years, cypher-style at parties and in cars with no mics. About 6 years ago I started recording with Caesar Glomgold and The Uncanny. We started a label called Sensi Starr. I haven’t looked back since. My first big placement was on the Reef and Snowgoons “Your Favorite MC” album and they spelled my name wrong, fuckin fags. Since then, I’ve been on countless projects and features and I’m now testing my mettle in the solo circuit.

SPEK27: Your debut album just dropped. Is it any good?

J.O.: To be honest, I make music for me. I’m my favorite rapper, so this is my favorite album out right now. The whole culture is about the competition, and I think I can hang with the best of them. I am getting a great response from everyone supporting though. I think my new shit is already 1,000 times better than the Mushie Chronicles. In the end I’m just really excited to keep growing and moving forward. I’ve paid my dues in life, but in music I’m literally a pup. For a freshman album, I think it serves its purpose and then some. It’s eccentric but relatable, super lyrical, and with Caliph recording, Scott Stallone mixing, and Pete Humphreys mastering, the industry sound standard is absolutely there. Everyone murders their features. Every beat is crazy. The stories and concepts are all there. Its all glued together really well too. Shit…if there is something wrong with it, I wanna know what it is so I can fix it next time around, because there is no way I’m stopping now. This is what I love.

SPEK27: You got people looking at this that might not have heard of you yet. Convince them right now to go check out your music after they finish reading this.

J.O.: Yo…I wrote the whole album on mushrooms. That shit isn’t easy. If that doesn’t sound enticing I don’t know what would.

SPEK27: Finish the sentence – “As an mc, I stand out because _______”

J.O.: I pull no punches and literally everything I say comes from a real aspect of my life. I live crazy and it comes out in all my raps. I also rhyme a lot. I think that the complexity helps me stand out from all the simple dumb downed shit out there right now.

SPEK27: What’s on the agenda after the album drops?

J.O.: Touring, features and building / branding the label. Adlib has got close to 200 shows set up for this year already. Insanity. Sensi Starr plans on dropping at least one album a quarter. We’ve got a distribution deal in the works. (How many assholes have said that before?) We’re working on an Adlib jawn, Burke and I have the Bash Bros shit in the works, (Sick) Six and I are working on an Untytled EP, UG from Cella Dwellas is on board for an EP, we want to drop a new JuJu Mob album and a Lost Cauze jawn, Glom and Ghetto both have solo projects almost complete, Ghetto is working on an EP with the legendary Buckwild, my sophomore jawn is like halfway done, plus we got the Sensi Starr Smoke Sessions volume 2 and an Uncanny album brewing. I’m just really fired up. The heat keeps coming and there is soooo much talent its ridiculous.

SPEK27: Last words?

J.O.: We’ll never slack. Everything will always be done right. Thats something you can take to the bank.

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