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Ill Clinton – 7th Boro Interview

Ill Clinton - The Illvolution

We all love free music. Yes, FREE. But what’s even better than free? When the music is actually good. Yes, that’s a rarity these days. I’d like to introduce you to Ill Clinton & his new production project that’s  (yes, you guessed it) FREE! So read a little about the man, get familiar, then go peep the album at

You can also follow him on Twitter at @vibe215 and @UsNatives

SPEK27: Tell us about The Illvolution. Who’s on it & how would you describe your sound?

Ill Clinton: The Illvolution is a 15 track compilation project featuring Mallz, Crypt The Warchild, King Syze, J.O. The Last Man, Premrock, Andrew Milicia, Dro Pesci, Peet Calibur. Vas, Digs, F. Virtue, Allen Poe, Sick Six, Firm Taqtics, Carl Kavorkian & Adam Selene.

My sound? I’d like to think I have somewhat of a classic hip hop sound. Boom bap, but with experimental elements & some weird shit too. Hard drums.

SPEK27: How did you choose the artists you wanted to work with for this project?

Ill Clinton: Most of the artists on this project are people I’ve wanted to work with for a while, so this seemed like a good opportunity to reach out and make something happen. A handful of cats on here are people I’ve worked with in the past and wanted to include. I just wanted to get some dope MCs to rap on my beats. I wanted a lot of different styles of MC involved.

SPEK27: What equipment was used to make this album?

Ill Clinton: Computers.

SPEK27: Technology today has made it very easy for people to make beats & put together mixtapes. Tell us why we should check out The Illvolution?

Ill Clinton: I think I have a different sound then most people. The tracks on this project aren’t necessarily what a fan of these artists would expect. I wanted to make each artist step outside of their box without them even knowing it. It’s not just some bullshit thrown together.

SPEK27: What’s the next move for Ill Clinton?

Ill Clinton: John E Cab & myself (Us Natives) are working on an EP with New Jersey MC Skrewtape called No Filter. This dude Skrewtape can fuckin rap. People need to be looking out for that. Ive also been working on an album with Vas called V for Vigoda that we are the final stages of…*ahem*.  I’m also working on an instrumental EP called Mediums that’s in the early stages of development. Hopefully much, much more.

SPEK27: Last words?

Ill Clinton: Just be you.

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