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Volta Masters Presents – Nu Christmas Club Classics 2008

One more treat to tuck you in with. Released 5 years ago this month. Another random Wayback Whensday for ya’ll. Volta Masters. Just some coolout vibes for the late night wrapping sessions. Shhhhhhhsssh Don’t tell no one.

1. INTRO / Volta Masters
2. Frosty The Snowman / Volta Masters Feat. SIERRA
3. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas / Larissah Sirah
4. The Christmas Song /
6. Santa Claus is coming to town / Volta Masters
7. Wonderful Christmastime / SIERRA
8. Christmas Eve / TSUCHIYA HIROMI
9. Last Christmas / Volta Masters Feat. SIERRA
10. Driving Home For Christmas / SHINJI
11. WINTER SONG / Gacchi
12. Frosty The Snowman Unplugged Version / Volta Masters Feat. SIERRA
13. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Volta Masters Remix / Larissah Sirah
14. Mr,Lawrence / Hart Music – Volta Masters Last Christmas Brend Mix / 1773 feat. SIERRA


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Wayback Whensday v.127 (Beasts From The East)

My brother Dee Rok from TheHipHopHead put me on to this joint when we were in High School. I was feeling A’s verse and Redman’s verse until I heard Canibus. This was the first time I ever heard of Canibus and I was fu**** blown away! Canibus is one of the best to ever do it! Listen to this joint and fast forward to 3:00 to hear one of the dopest verses in Hip Hop history.

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Wayback Whensday v.124 (I’m Known)

AZ – I’m Known

AZ’s albums are VERY slept on. It’s seems as if everyone wanted him to be the next Nas after his feature on Illmatic. His solo joints never did well in terms of sales but they are all quality albums. This one is off Pieces of a Man. Check that album out if you haven’t already.

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DJ Iroc – Tape No. 8 (Iroc’s Birthday Bash) 199X

Normally, I don’t do these #WBW, I’m a #TBT kinda guy, but I was recently remodeling the studio and came across this and had to share it. I probably haven’t heard it in 12+ years so I threw it I the deck. I forgot how great it used to be to hear exclusive freestyles on mixtapes. Back when most of the artists were first coming up and not famous like they are now, there were readily available for features. Heads would hit them up, they’d write a verse just for that release and throw the verse away after that. You rarely heard people spitting the same verse over different beats or on multiple mixtapes. It was considered a weakness if you could not write and recite a fresh page on the spot. The “punch in” function took a little of the hunger and live feel away from hip hop I think.

DJ Iroc has been a staple in NYC and Upstate NY going back to the early 90’s. Helping form the AMW DJs years back, and keeping in touch with the industry helped him link with all kinds of dope artists. I’ve followed him for years and he’s still kicking it, spinning old school on the leading hip hop station around my way. This is, in some form a tribute from fan to friend. I learned a lot watching DJ’s like Swift and Krush, Young Wise, DJ Life, and Air Alert coming up over the years. They instilled views in me that are still here to this day. Now you can listen and learn too. There are some rarities & gems on here, enjoy them.

01-Side A
02-Side B


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Wayback Whensday v.121 (Hip Hop Drunkies)

Tha Alkaholiks Feat. ODB – Hip Hop Drunkies

I remember hearing this joint for the first time and thinking, “ODB is a sick f***!” That’s what made him a Hip Hop genius. This song was dope because you had East Coast/West Coast love at a time when collaboration between coast wasn’t common. The beat is sick too!

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