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Buy Muy Drugs, (Denmark Vessey + Azarias) offer their latest single “BUY MY APP” ft Yassin Bey, the single is off their upcoming album which drops September 15th. BMD describes the album as 45 minutes of designer dissonance. An Afro-Brazilian percussive mien hybridized with the aggressive, federally-sanctioned genre: loom-bap. The bass-drunk 909s, programmed to stomp mud-holes throughout the full-length’s soundscape, drive the manic transitions between maximal bliss and minimal dystopia.

Its absolutely fucking beyond and well worth your listen.  They also have a collection of videos and music and more at

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Rock Steady Crew 40th Anniversary Weekend Information – July 28th,29th, & 30th

I always get really hype this time of year because of the Rock Steady Anniversary. A lot of great memories over the years at the RSC events. Make sure to come out because this will be the final RSC Anniversary celebration. I do have a feeling that the Crew is moving on to something even more special. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Tone Liv – The People’s Mayor (Commentary)


Before I joined this fine blog that is 7thboro, I started a site 7 years ago in Chicago. My focus was to shine a spotlight on a lot of talented emcees who were working hard to emerge from obscurity. Some life changes, and a few years later, I found myself back in my home state of New Jersey. So now, my focus was seeking out all the Hip Hop The Garden State had to offer, and I wasn’t disappointed, I mean Jersey only being a bridge away from the birth of the culture we love so much, it only made sense.

Jersey has a lot of Hip Hop talent, some known, many unknown. With technology today, and the flooding of content and information and very short attention spans, alot of talented dudes get lost in the fray, one emcee who refuses to be one of those dudes, is Tone Liv.

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Roc Marciano – Rosebud’s Revenge (Review)


Circa 2007, I had just finished copping Busta Rhyme’s “Anarchy” album at FYE, and giving the album a first listen on my way home, track 12 comes on, and that’s it….my first introduction to the man, Roc Marciano, then a member of Busta’s Flip Mode Squad. Fast Forward 10 years, and on my Spotify saved albums list is Roc’s new offering “Rosebud’s Revenge”.


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Funkontrol – Wake Up In The Morning (FREE download)


Here’s one from our friends over at Tommy Boy. Wake Up In The Morning is the new track from Funkontrol (Skinny Friedman and Scott Melker). This will be on their upcoming album, Are We Having Fun Yet?. In the meantime, you can listen to it now and download it for FREE! (link above photo)

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Sheek Louch feat. Pusha T – Bang Bang (remix package)

Ok, this is something a little different. Sheek Louch has just dropped a remix package that revamps last year’s Bang Bang feat. Pusha T. He offers 4 tracks, all of them remaining gritty while adding some dancehall / pop / commercial / club appeal. I know, I know…but stay with me. This remix package features production from NuKid, Radio Smash, Burn The Disco and KNAME. All of them bring their own unique style and sound to the track. It’s definitely a different direction, but totally worth checking out for any Lox or Pusha T fan. These remixes are out now via Tommy Boy and are available to purchase or stream from all major services.

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