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Saigon: “Greatest Story Never Told” Due 2011

Saigon announces that “The Greatest Story Never Told” album will FINALLY be released on February 2011. This sure SOUNDS good…but I will believe it when I hear it….I CAN’T WAIT TO BELIEVE IT!!

He also told fans that he will give them a nice appetizer by releasing an EP next week.

Here’s my PRE-Appetizer…a few classic Saigon tracks that made me a fan:

[audio:|titles= Saigon – True Story]


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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Stones”

This track is off his new mixtape, On the Road to Glory, My Story.  If you are not familiar with this MC, please check this out.  This is the type of passion, lyrics, and message that makes him so unique and talented…..He’s a Beast.


[audio:|titles=Gemstones- Stones]

This record ain’t meant for rappers, this ain’t for strippin usage, this ain’t for pistol clappin, this ain’t typical music,  The radio rejects it, they trying to diffuse it, Lupe told me to take Rick Ross label, I refused it, We feeding our children poison, we killin off our future, Arabs on every corner, they only here to juke us, 2-0-1-2’s to warn us, I think they trying to spook us, they forcing Gucci Mane on us to keep us in a stooper,  God have His grace upon us, His miracles are super, His mercy is enormous, commandments ain’t the loosest, the globe is getting warmer, the government rebuked us, the price of gold is rising, the U.S. fucking useless, unemployment lines is longer,   the plan is not to school us, wisdom’s  served more than diamonds, so pray for your medulla,  besides the kids are dying,  it’s nothing left to do but, I take it my assignment,   Jesus come and scoop us

Verse 2

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Crooked I feat. Joell Ortiz – “Hard In The Paint” (HHW Reloaded #11)

C.O.B. is joined by YAOWA for Hip Hop Weekly 11 (Reloaded).  These 2 SHOULD be on all these “lists” out there!!!

[audio:|titles=Crooked I _HHW 11_ (Hard In The Paint) ft. Joell Ortiz]

Download Crooked I feat. Joell Ortiz – “Hard In The Paint” (HHW Reloaded #11)

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Walking in the Rain”

“Walking in the Rain”
[audio:|titles=Royce Da 5’9″- Walking In The Rain] This was posted a while ago…but DAMN he kills!

I got a deep anonymous bottomless pit depth to my psychy, bank full of what’s stitched on the left side of my Nikes, blank man fill me in but you will never sum me up, there will never be another question mark like me, I don’t gang bang shit I’m just mad blazing, I got them dimes like a bad Asian, I got them nicks like some bad shaving, a lot em with the gang bang she say she wit it a matador like I’m red flag waving…
Click here for the rest

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. 2”

Just in case anyone thought he fell off….Nas shows everyone he is still one of the greatest lyricists ever.

[audio:|titles=Nas – Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. 2 (Power, Paper, Pussy) ]

Cars with police radars on highways boppin, bullpin therapy cell block dodging, pissy stairways missed them days not when they shut down the stores when I’m shopping, used to be pop locking, train hopping, face covered in stocking, 6 pack Bud drinking gambler, fuck them cameras in front of the man, sing the hustlers mantra, hands of luck, more hits than gambling huff, I hollered Indosia, 40 belows covered the toes I was a soldier with the Popeyes sippin Amota. Nigga honestly I call this a culture my…sister’s a snake, my brother’s a vulture my mother’s the block my father’s a ghetto piranha swimming with sharks….
click here for the rest

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “So Wrong”

BY FAR…2 of Brooklyn’ Finest.  This track is off the Farewell Summer EP.

As much as I want to see a new Blackstar album… Talib Kweli, Mos Def, and Joell Ortiz should get together and make an album titled:  “Brooklyn Galaxy”

Talib Kweli and Joell Ortiz- “So Wrong”
[audio:|titles=Talib and Joell- “So Wrong” ]

Kweli: Cutting niggas down like the Amazon, for posin like the cameras on ambush it wit Joell Ortiz getting my Spanish on, Yo tengo ambre we eating money its Nathan a freak in these congregations speaking the conversation wit people who facing Satan I bring em the word of God, my observation’s disturbing my words’ll murder your squad. I pull the trigger wit my tongue grab your Bible like Brigham Young spit fire my brain is a bigger gun I’m from Brooklyn where I’m from we call a nigga son, its cuz we shinin through the night break out the flashlight you must be on a short flight cuz you pack light behave man I beat up cavemen wit stalagmites get up and fight you too tired for another round they say I’m worshiping the devil cuz I run this town now let me run it down and raise the stakes like a porterhouse with one fourth of the Slaughterhouse

click here for Joell’s verse (possibly my favorite verse of the year)

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