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David Versis 7th Boro Interview

My past interviews have been the standard question and answer format. But, since the rhymes on his two albums, Drafted and Hate To Say It, are so smart, clever, and creative, I tried to make this interview a little more original. Before each question, I recited a line from one of his tracks that reflects the question being asked. Be sure to read each line and listen to his well thought out responses. (His answer to question #5 was FLAWLESS). Enjoy this dope interview video and get to know this MC.

I want to once again thank David Versis and his people for this extremely well put together video/interview and for showing love to the 7th Boro. Make sure to stay tuned for the latest info/music/videos from @DavidVersis

If you STILL have not listened to Drafted and Hate To Say It albums… DOWNLOAD ALBUMS HERE


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M-Rock Mondays: The Best of Nate Dogg MIXTAPE

Rest In Peace to Nathaniel Dwayne Hale a.k.a. Nate Dogg

The second installment in the M-Rock Best of Series Mixtapes: The Best of Nate Dogg.
“This week’s M-Rock Mondays is a tribute to the best of probably the greatest hook vocalist in hip-hop. Nate Dogg had made his mark as a legend and main ingredient in the game the first time we heard him on “Ain’t No Fun” off of the classic album, Doggystyle.” — DJ M-Rock

Props to DJ M-Rock who also said, “Being a DJ who plays a bit of T-Pain and autotune-made music, it gives me a special appreciation to hear how much of a natural pitch-perfect singer Nate was – even his youtube freestyles give the impression that he did not rely on sound engineering the way today’s singers do.”

Visit DJ M-Rock’s dope site on a regular HERE for the dopest mixes.

Also if you missed his last “Best of Mixtape” which featured Kanye West…. get it HERE


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Kj Hamilton- Aspiring MC Vol. 1 EP

Kj Hamilton is a 19 year old artist from New York by way of Georgia. This track, Love Leaves, is the second single off his Aspiring MC Vol. 1 EP… which is a very very dope album.

This EP was released in early February… but better late than never. Take a good listen to this EP…well worth it!!!

Love Leaves
[audio:|titles=Love Leaves]

Also, had to add this sick track:

The Streets
[audio:|titles=08 The Streets]


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The 7th Boro Presents: Nas – The Lost MP3s Vol.3

Talking about Blah to the Blah-Blah! I just saw a video where these new cats(not even worth the mention), said that one of their members is better than Nas when he was 18 years old. I like to give chances so I peeped this guy on youtube and he isn’t even seeing Nas at 3 years old. These young cats need to respect their elders and learn their history. Nas should only be mentioned in the same sentence with Rakim, G Rap, Slick Rick, LL…… see what I’m getting at. Anyway, here we bring you Volume 3 as promised. I saved a lot of these joints for the last edition because they are my favorites. Hope this series has brought you some enjoyment. If not… could always log on to 8th St. Latinas! Peace.
click for tracklist and download link

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Just Dizle – Starksologizm [Ghostface Mix]

There’s nothing better than a fresh delivery from France’s own DJ Just Dizle. If you’ve followed the 7th Boro for a while, you know that we are strong supporters of Just Dizle. His mixes are always on point. Here he gives us a heavy dose of Tony Starks with over 2 hours worth of bangers. Another Just Dizle classic right here. Listen.

Just Dizle – Starksologizm [Ghostface Mix]
click for tracklist and download link

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Lupe Fiasco – Lasers Vol. 2 (Mixtape)

Lupe Fiasco FINALLY dropped Lasers. It seems the label forced some changes and tweaks to the music.

UNLIKE Food and Liquor and The Cool, Lasers had a few “skippable” tracks. I am a huge supporter of Lupe and I think he is an amazing MC. I thought Lasers was not up to par compared to his first 2 classics, but I still thought it was a very solid album…. but imagine if those “skippable” tracks were replaced with some older tracks that the label probably discarded….

Lucky for us, the good people at THE 9 ELEMENTS made it happen.


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The 7th Boro Presents: Nas – The Lost MP3s Vol.1

What can be said that hasn’t already about Nas. In my opinion, he is the greatest of all time. Maybe it’s a personal thing for me because (like many of you) I grew up on Nas. We saw him transform from a kid in the projects to an international superstar. There are many Hip Hop heads that wait for Nas albums as if they were some kind of holiday (don’t call it hell day) or something.  There’s nothing left to say except that he is a genius. continue for tracklist and download link

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Eminem- Straight from the Vault EP

These tracks are obviously older and never been released. They clearly did not make the cut for any of his albums.

These TWO tracks stand out because I have never heard him spitting about being the GREATEST the way he does on these two tracks… listen:

Get Money
[audio:|titles=Get Money]

[audio:|titles= G.O.A.T]


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