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Lyrics I Like… and YOU Should Too: The Birth

add2-khrysis-heaven-hellLyrics I Like… and YOU Should Too –

This is the intro off Add-2’s latest project, Between Heaven and Hell” produced by Khrysis. Add-2 is quickly becoming one of the illest lyricist on the planet. For those still snoozing on this MC… read the lyrics, maybe it’ll help you become a fan.

Yo, I saw a light they put me inside a towel, I heard a voice, “what a beautiful child”
Then I seen my mother’s heavenly smile, the world stole it I ain’t seen it in a while
But now I sing songs that make points you scoreless, ding dong ditch was left on death’s doorstep
More or less feeling like life is trying to end mine, and I’m between love and hate like a thin line
Back at it like crack addicts with bad habits, the name’s Add but I was bad at mathematics
Looking back at my bad times and laugh at it, they say life is a test and I’m trying to pass at it
My friend told me his in-laws is outlaws, they cop cars then “WOOP WOOP” is cop cars
I say the trap is a trap like Admiral Ackbar, my father kneeled to the floor and say Allahu Akbar
So whenever my mind thinks my inks goddess, white lines and black thoughts and grey matter
Pajama niggas be staying within the same pattern, I’m heart stopping but I’m resurrecting Hank Gathers
Sometimes I’m heated I feel like I need to vent, like what if I missed my time, what if it came and went
Spending all of my money and shit ain’t been making sense got my diploma and broke as them niggas that never went
But, other than God tell me really who you gotta fear, my granny’s eyes probably cry for a 100 years
With no legs I could run it for a 100 years, I been/Ben Savage no Wonder Years
You gotta be a little sicker be a little quicker, your broad a little thin she gotta be a little thicker
Be yourself get a Snicker, your Army can’t harm me baby boy I’m Snoop Dogg, fuck you for it lil nigga

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Lyrics I Like And You Should Too: D-Stroy on Touch & D-Stroy (Piecemaker 3)


Any one who knows me knows that I’ve been a fan of D-Stroy since the Arsonists “As The World Burns” days. So to hear this dude rock over a Premier beat is pretty dope. I’ve written the lyrics down here but you have to hear the verse to get the full feel. Listen.

I’m a destroy standing in my D-Stroy stance
Gotta shine like the glow in Bruce Leroy’s hands
Outta this world wilin’ getting Leonard Nimoy amped
50 MCs bout to rip like Bboys pants yikes! Bushwick son!
I am a little nutty so lyrically kids will love me until I kill your buddy
And leave em like silly putty from Ms. McGillicuddy to Magilla Gorilla
Nigga I’m talkin’ everybody!
Maxwells Memorex Tone Touch forever fresh
Headphones Hoodie on like Bill Belichick
Act disorderly, I keep whores with me
Cause groupies wanna fuck a legend like Kimora Lee
Get up stand up come on put your hands up
Mosh to the track before they put us all in handcuffs
Yeah people tweeting D is a beast
Clean version I aint bleepin’ with you bleepin’ MCs!

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DJ Premier & A.G. present The D.I.T.C. Cypher [Video]

DJ Premier maintains the Wheels Of Steel with last Year’s BET Cypher Instrumental, while, A.G.. recruits the next wave of young spitters with the likes of Majestic Gage, A. Bless and Tashane  from his South Bronx neighborhood to display their skills in a lyrical cipher.

Download below via Soundcloud:

Big L Rest in Peace! Guru Rest in Peace!

Premo what up!

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Lyrics I Like And You Should Too: Lupe Fiasco – Lamborghini Angels [Lyrics]

Before you start reading the lyrics and/or listen to the song please keep this in mind:

“If you are easily offended or religiously sensitive DO NOT listen toLamborghini Angels. Contains very disturbing content” – Lupe Fiasco

[audio:|titles=Lupe Fiasco Lamborghini Angels CDQ] [Intro] It’s a mad world out here, I tell you
The world’s gone stark, raving mad
Everyone in the world is mad
It’s a mad crazy world

[Hook] I see diamond-flooded demons
Lamborghini angels
Lamborghini angels
Lamborghini angels
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through

[Verse 1] With a circle on the floor he compels them to be pure
Pulls the beast out of his heart then impales it on a sword
Writes a prayer on some paper and then he nails it to the door
Just the good of you may enter by the mercy of the lord
Listen not to what he speaks, that’s been the cursing of his cause
A seduction of his senses by the devils he adores
The unholy has him hostage and his soul is now at war
Follow not his secret knowledge it will bring you no reward
Shun him while in public disallow him from your stores
Have no part in his affairs ‘less his pestilence be yours
Make scoundrels of the righteous and virgins into whores
But we must still pray that his colour will be cured

[Hook] [Verse 2] With her eyes to the ceiling and a needle in her brain
He looks back into the crowd, wipes the blood and then explains
How she slipped from this existence to the realm of the deranged
Her becoming must be halted to reverse what she became
From the looseness of her tongue, to the pollution of her aims
To do nothing is barbaric, the solution is humane
You must destroy the mind and hopefully retrain
You torture out the wildness, then replace it with the tame
Blank slate when she recovers, she won’t even know her name
Perfect wife and perfect lover, no resistance, no complaints
May God bless the scientific cure for the insane
Knew she couldn’t go to school, but she thought that that should change

[Hook] [Verse 3] With his crucifix inside his pocket said his mission is divine
Put his Bible on the bed and then he touched on his behind
Told him take off all his clothes and put your penis next to mine
Now the little boy think it’s normal because they do this all the time
With no life inside his body now he finally think he’s safe
But they cut off all his fingers while they piss all in his face
He take pictures with his killers then they sneak back to the states
Now he sit next to the picture of his wife when she was raped
With the teleprompter rolling he looks right into the lens
Doesn’t mention his redemption but absolves him of his sins
He forgives them in advance says that he will do again

[John F. Kennedy] My fellow Americans…



Props go to Rap Genius as usual

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Audio: Shady 2.0. – BET Cypher (Uncensored/Partially Edited)

By now you should know the deal if you still haven’t heard this one for some reason you can catch up with this official High Quality and almost entirely uncensored Version of the Best Cypher that BET had to offer this year.

[audio:|titles=DJ Premier Shady 2.0. Cypher Dirty]

Download [High Quality] (Stream slightly lower quality)

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Smu’s Monday Throwback: East Flatbush Project – Tried by 12

If you have been listening to the “Shady 2.0” Cypher this beat probably caught ya ear straight away. Because it’s very dope.

I thought it was just right to post the Original as my personal Monday Throwback for today as Premier kinda brought some life back in it after such a long time..

Enjoy and THANK YOU to Prem for reminding me of this dope cut!

Classic *Nas Voice*

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Cormega Featuring AZ & Nature – VI (Professional Style)

This Joint right here was originally produced by the Alchemist and only had AZ spitting on it.Mega took it in the end dropped it back in 2007 and now revamped it for his upcoming Double LP (!) Raw Forever with a live Band providing the instrumentation. This version of the track sounds slightly clearer and more “dramatic” compared to the original.Nature comes into the mix aswell,too bad Nas is missing otherwise we would’ve had a Firm Reunion.(Note: Where has Nature been recently?)

[audio:|titles=Cormega Featuring AZ and Nature – VI (Professional Style)]


Props steady bloggin

Raw Forever is in stores/ready for ordering now! Support Real Hip Hop!

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: J Gunn- Coup d’etat (Otis freestyle)

I have not posted “Lyrics I Like” in a while… but after so many poeple used this beat, I found one that is clearly above the rest.

J Gunn- Coup d’etat (Otis freestyle)

Greatest rapper on the Earth, they try to kill me off but I sat up in the hearse
Said they changed the game, all they did was make it worse, weak ass versions of Otis let them go first
Church, God’s gift in the verse, treating me like I’m meek, guess I’ll inherit the Earth
Call me the heir apparent and Heron is my thirst, they scream fuck the world but I hit her til she burst
Orgasm from raw rapping with no magnum, Phi Beta Kappa valedictorian so classy
Making bangers since Jackie was hoe happy and I’m a keep breaking their backs til they toe tag me
Ashley, Mary Kate twin bread, close to success like we sleeping in a twin bed
College girls, used to beat em in a twin bed, now it’s me and three, 6 legged call it insects
See the picture that I’m painting, my vision is Limitless like “what pill is he taking?”


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Apathy Featuring Celph Titled – Stop What Ya Doin’ [Produced by DJ Premier]

This Joint is from Apathy’s upcoming Album “Honkey Kong” and one of my anticipated tracks from that release.

Celph Titled as a feature guest killing them verses left and right with Ap. Premier on the Beat and it can’t get any better than this!

Gotta love the Digital Underground/Humpty Dance scratches on this one too (If you don’t know “Digital Underground” or “The Humpty Dance” then Google is your friend)

If you love Hip Hop like i do you can nod your head to this one.

[audio:|titles=Apathy – Stop What Ya Doin’ (Featuring Celph Titled)] [Download] (Via DJ Wayne Ski of The Beatminerz)


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It’s All About the Lyrics: Tech N9ne Featuring Crooked I & Chino XL – Sickology 101

I thought you knew it,We murdering motherfuckers in music,that’s how we do it” – Tech N9ne

I remember when I first listened to this record 2 years ago and was totally shocked about the whole lyrics. I mean let’s be honest,you don’t always get 3 really dope MC’s on one Track and each one kills their verse respectively. Because normally one of the Artists becomes the weakest link in the song,but i think we can all agree that this one is an exception.

Just to show you how ill this record is,I’ll show you Crooked I’s Verse and it’s sure to say if you have him on your record you got some competition!

My killer Daytons can keep me crushin the competition
Comin correct when creatin the crazy composition
Cannibal character, Calico carrier, got a crooked copper missin
Cali killers on candid cock emissions
That was constant consonant wordplay
Wordplay rhymes with Thursday and thirsty – if I’m thirst-ay!

I change the pronunciation of words, per se
The English language got to do whatever my verse say
So if you want to learn to rap, this is how (this is how)
Right now I’m puttin swag in my style (in my style)
It’s a emphasis on the simplest sentences
Then I give ’em charisma with a laugh and a smile (and a smile)
If you want your verses to cost higher
Then your similes got to be hot as a live wire
You need some better metaphors
For example, this song is a war zone and you listeners in the cross fire

[audio:|titles=Tech N9ne – Sickology 101 f. Crooked I & Chino XL]

I included the full song because it has mad quotables that aren’t hard to miss at all.

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: “Switch”

On these posts, I personally write the lyrics of a new track or freestyle that I think are REALLY good. This time, I will switch it up a little. I came across a great video by TimesNuRoman. He does an amazing job at breaking down Lupe Fiasco’s lyrics and concept on an older track called “Switch”.

Pay Attention and try to keep up…..

Lupe proves he is LYRICALLY above most MCs and the concept was flawlessly executed.

Click here for Lyric Breakdown for “Dumb It Down”

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Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: Chino XL freestyle

It has been a while since my last “Lyrics I like…and YOU Should Too” post. But after listening to this Chino XL freestyle, I knew this was a perfect way to get back into it. He spit this freestlye at the Paid Dues show and killed it!!

Lyrics I Like…and YOU Should Too: Chino XL freestyle
[audio:|titles=Chino XL freestyle at Paid Dues]

So at this time I’d like to welcome back the congregation
That’s waiting patient for me to distribute this information
About this rap game and its quality disintegration
And stop blaming Waka Flocka he ain’t why your shit ain’t blazin

Click here for the FULL LYRICS and DOWNLOAD TRACK

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