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C-Lance (7th Boro Interview)

photo by : Brian Cummings

If you follow “underground” hip hop, then you most likely have heard the name C-Lance at least once. He’s worked with artists such as Vinnie Paz, Slaine, Ill Bill, Mad Child and many others. His resume is already very impressive and continues to build. So pay attention, cause his name is likely to be around for quite a while.

Spek27: What got you into music & eventually into production?

C-Lance: I think it was my older brother. I used to go with him to Sam Goody (RIP) to pick out albums. I used to just listen to whatever he bought at the store. I remember the very first album I bought for myself was “Whitey Ford Sings the Blues” by Everlast. One of my favorite albums of all time.

Spek27: What was you first real production placement?

C-Lance: It was with Doap Nixon. I just hit him up on myspace back in the day, sent him some beats, then he must have played them for Paz because about a few weeks later, Vinnie emailed me asking to send him some for his solo record. It all happened really quickly.

Spek27: How often do people hit you up on social media asking for free beats?

C-Lance: Haha, this actually doesn’t happen anymore, but when I first started working with Vinnie, kids would hit me up for free shit all the time, acting like they’re doing ME the favor. We get some crazy messages on social media. Some of them I have to re-read to make sure that is actually what they said.

Spek27: If someone never heard you’re music, what would be the first 3 songs you’d play them?

C-Lance: “Slum Chemist” “Keeper of the seven keys” & “You Can’t Be Neutral On A Moving Train”

Spek27: Fill in the blank – “I make better beats than ______”

C-Lance: Everyone. If I didn’t have the confidence, then I wouldn’t even make music. I think you have to believe you’re the best at something to continue to grow and get even better. I obviously would never act like it, because I hate cocky assholes. But, being confident in your art is a lot different. P.S. – Stoupe is better than me. Hah!

Spek27: What are some of the negative things people say to you on social media? Like the really mean & just uncalled for comments?

C-Lance: Hahaha, I never get offended because it’s more so funny than anything else. I’ve gotten a bunch of messages saying my beats suck and I’ll never be as good as Stoupe and all my shit sounds the same and blah blah… then I go to their page and see that their name is “hotbeats98” or “AlexTheBeatMaker”. Clearly it was failed musicians who just took out their failures on me. For all the hate messages I get, there’s double the amount of positive supportive messages though, so it’s all good.

Spek27: Easiest rapper you’ve worked with so far?

C-Lance: Vinnie, and it’s not even CLOSE. Everything I do with Vinnie is done on an extremely professional level, and everything is done smooth. Enemy Soil is a powerhouse and Vinnie and clipboard treat me like family.

Spek27: Most difficult rapper you’ve worked with so far?

C-Lance: I’d have to say R.A. the Rugged Man, based off of how picky he is with beats. He was a pleasure to deal with, just getting to the “RIGHT” beat took us forever haha.

Spek27: What equipment do you use?

C-Lance: I use a Yamaha Motif keyboard, with Kontakt 5.

Spek27: Anything new you’re currently working on?

C-Lance: Right now I’m focused on Vinnies new solo record and some stuff with Chris Webby & Rittz.

Spek27: Any rappers that turned down your beats when you first started that you’d wanna say fuck you to now?

C-Lance: Hahhahahaha. Honestly, nah. Cuz the very first person I sent beats too was Doap, and then Vinnie, I never really reached out to anyone back then who then came to me after. BUT, there is a ton of people from high school and college that I gave a big “fuck you” to, who ignored me all the time, then saw I was fucking with JMT and asked me for back stage passes. I ain’t got time for anyone who didn’t show me love and respect and NOW wanna say we’re best pals.

Spek27: Are you involved at all with the new Jedi Mind Tricks album?

C-Lance: Hell yeah. I worked with Stoupe on a couple songs on this album. It’s incredible to work with Paz, Stoupe & Kwest as a whole. I’ve only worked with Vinnie on solo stuff and the last JMT record, so this is a dream come true.

Spek27: Name a producer who makes you think “I can’t believe this person is actually famous”

C-Lance: DJ MUSTARD. This guy blows. Every beat sounds like his cat fell onto his keyboard while he was sleeping, pressed record, then he woke up and sent that file to rappers.

Spek27: Last words?

C-Lance: Thanks for the interview, man. And a big thank you to all the fans out there who buy our shit. JMT, June 2.

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