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Burke The Jurke (7thBoro Interview)


Burke The Jurke has been building an impressive resume over the past few years. He’s done songs with such artists as Vinnie Paz, Slaine, Reef The Lost Cauze, Outerspace, Mr. Green and a list of others. He also just dropped his sophmore album Ear Responsible. So, if you don’t know who Burke is yet, here’s something to help get you started.

SPEK27: Who are you?

Burke: I’m frequently referred to as Burke The Jurke, but I’m the guy that reminds rappers they need to rap better.

SPEK27: What kind of Italians do you relate to more, Jersey Shore or Sopranos?

Burke: The nerve of you for even asking this question… The Sopranos, but I’ve only ever watched half of an episode while getting pleasured by a jersey broad so that kind of covers both. I’m not even being funny. DEAD serious.

 Spek27: You just released your 2nd album. Who’s on it as far as features & production?

Burke: Production is Level 13, John E Cab, Mr. Green, Nomolos, Ruelz Rekka, Steve Untytled, DJ Rybe and ASK?

As far as features I invited Slaine, Ruste Juxx, Blacastan, Reef The Lost Cauze, King Magnetic,  Fel Sweetenberg, Baby Blak, Taboo, Capo, Skrewtape, Side Effect, Rich Quick, Adlib, Faez One, Godilla, and of course Vas.

Also had scratches by Cru-Cut, No Phrillz and TMB.

SPEK27: Philly has a lot of underappreciated rappers. What makes you stand out?

Burke: Philly has so much talent, I’m just happy to be able to stand out in such a city.   I think what makes me stand out is the fact that I don’t want to “fit in” with any of the typical Philly styles.  Which have influenced the world of music, by the way. I like being an individual with versatility. I remember when Freeway came out and everyone started rapping like him, same thing with Cassidy. I wish more people would take after Black Thought to be honest.

SPEK27: You’ve worked with several members of AOTP. How did those relationships come about?

Burke: I made crazy noise in the local scene doing live shows. Other good rappers took notice. Someone from AOTP actually asked YOU about me. You tell the fuckin’ story, don’t play dumb.

(SPEK27: See? I ask him a question that shows people he’s aligned with some pretty well known artists. An easy lay up question. You know, maybe so the people reading this that don’t know who he is will now check for him because of that. But he’s a “Jurke”, so that’s how he responds. Must be that South Philly shit. Let’s continue…)

SPEK27: Why do guys in South Philly still embrace wearing jean shorts?

Burke: I actually see more people in your neck of the woods wearing jhorts. I don’t see anything wrong with a jhort. I never understood the hatred or rebellious attitude toward the jhort. Vas would be a better person to ask jhort questions to. I think he attends the seminars of jhort revival.

SPEK27: Tell us about the new album. Why should people buy it?

Burke: Ear Responsible is a straight forward HARD rap record. People should buy it because they need to remember how rap and aggression should sound and feel. There’s a ton of sweet shit out right now and people need a balance… thats what Ear Responsible provides. Buy it cause Spek is interviewing me about it, and he has to feel some type of accomplishment for doing this interview with me.

SPEK27: Last words?

Burke: Don’t get out of pocket if you don’t wear the pants. La Famiglia.



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