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7th Boro Exclusive: Valid & Slot A ft. Skyzoo & Magestik Legend- Vigilante


Hip-hop is a genre all its own. All it takes is that one sample and suddenly an ill beat is formed. One spark of inspiration and 16 bars turns into a whole song. That sample,that inspiration can come from anywhere. There are some sources of inspiration that are somewhat synonomous with our genre too. It just goes together.

Detroit’s MC Valid along with Chi-Town producer Slot A have come together, to bring us a new concept album The Alley-Oop dropping later this month. The record draws its inspiration from comic books and the subsequent influx of tv series, violent video games and action packed movies inspired by them.
MC Valid was nice enough to bless us with the first single, appropriately entitled Vigilante. The song features Brooklyn’s own Skyzoo and Magestik Legend of The Black Opera. I also would like to give a shout out to fellow artist Mr. Cliffnote who hit us with the dope comic inspired artwork.
If the first single is any indication of how the rest of the EP is going then I am hyped for the rest of the project. Check it out!

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