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7th Boro: End of The Year Wrap-up


So it’s that time of year again when the blog fam gets together to discuss this year in music and choose our album of the year picks. One of the greatest things about the team here at 7th Boro is that we all have one thing in common: The love of hip-hop and the culture. The second best thing? Is that we all have our unique taste in music and what moves us. You won’t find the same music on our blog that you do on other blogs because we only post what WE co-sign. If we’re not feeling something, it just doesn’t make it onto our site. That being said having different taste in music allows us to bring you that dope week after week. We know there are tons of blogs out there that you can get your music from and we really appreciate all the support that our readers have given us! Looking forward to continuing to spread the dope in 2017! Now let’s get to it and peep our picks of the year! Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments. Check it out!

Leeps Isn’t Dead

AOTY: WestSide Gunn – FLYGOD

Since so many people have been asking him, Leeps also blessed us with his top ten honorable mentions (in order)
2. Apathy – Handshakes With Snakes
3. Ugly Heroes – Everything In Between
4. Red Eye – FATrick Ewing
5. Tone Spliff – Pull No Punches
6. Havoc & The Alchemist – The Silent Partner
7. Easily Crippled – Demented Logic
8. General Steele & ES-K – Building Bridges
9. No Panty – Westside Highway Story
10. Smoke Dza & Pete Rock – Don’t Smoke Roc


AOTY: Elzhi – Lead Poison

2. Masta Ace – The Falling Season (pulled a close 2nd)

Honorable Mentions (not in any particular order):
No Panty – Westside Highway Story
Apathy – Handshakes With Snakes
Vinnie Paz – The Cornerstone of The Cornerstore


AOTY: No Panty – Westside Highway Story

Honorable Mentions:

Kanye West – The Life of Pablo

A Tribe Called Quest – We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

Okay so that’s the  guys… and since technically this is MY post…let’s take a journey into the music mind of Scyren over this past year!!! It’s easy to forget some of the dope from the beginning of the year so I have some more mentions than my blog fam.


AOTY: WestSide Gunn – FLYGOD Tied with Red Eye – FATrick Ewing

Honorable Mentions (Definitely NOT in order)

These are albums that got serious replay value from me this year. I urge you to check these out especially those of you that complain there isn’t any dope hip-hop coming out anymore. Also browse the pages of the blog because I know I’m missing so much more!!

Apathy – Handshakes With Snakes

Ugly Heroes – Everything In Between

Elzhi – Lead Poison

Vinnie Paz – The Cornerstone of The Cornerstore

No Panty – Westside Highway Story

Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi – Metorite

SmooVth – SS96J

Dead Rabbits – Legion

Spit Gemz – See Me When I Die (Late year entry)

Born Unique & Lucky Loopiano – The Red Devil Chronicles (Late year entry)

Eff Yoo & Rediculus- The Eff Word

Vic Spencer & Chris Crack – Who The Fuck Is Chris Spencer?

Illit – The Redshirt Freshman

Rated R – The Oracle

Double Negative – Krakatoa

Immortal Combat – Immortal Combat


I know I missed a ton of albums.  Not only that but there were standout tracks that were bangers and kept me sane this year. If I posted it I was digging it!!


I also have one last honorable mention not because it was necessarily the dopest project but because I was impressed by the artist. KXNG Charisma is a 16 year old emcee whose debut album was impressive to say the least. The reason why I wanted to mention it is because in a world where mediocre music is promoted it is young artists like these that keep our  real culture alive!

KXNG Charisma – All In My Head


And there you have it! 2016- another dope year for music. See you guys in the 1-7! And as always send us dope music for consideration! We appreciate each and every one of you!!

Peace and Love



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