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Spotlight #2: Kentucky


Spotlight: Kentucky

When you think of Kentucky music the first thing that pops in your head may be folk music or bluegrass but certainly not hip -hop right? But you would be wrong. There is a new movement of Kentucky hip-hop artists trying and succeeding in changing the stereotype that any hip-hop coming from Kentucky is all “trap rap” or “country”.
I’ll be honest few years ago I would have made that same assumption. I didn’t think Kentucky and hip-hop was synonymous until I came across Lexington artist Devine Carama. Not only is he nice on the mic but he’s one of my favorite artists out at the moment. And this is coming from a Brooklyn chick for life. Thus began my expedition to find more dope hip-hop. For the past two months I have been listening to some Kentucky artists and my verdict is there are some real dope emcees hailing from the K.

One of the things we love doing here at the blog is introducing you to new artists from all over that you might not have heard otherwise. Here are some dope emcees repping their state that get the Scy stamp of approval. The great thing about hip-hop is that it really is universal and reaches so many different people on different levels. They say our culture is dying but here is proof that it is thriving. And it’s not just thriving in places you expect like New York and Philly but all around the globe, and places like Kentucky!

So sit back and let me introduce you to some Kentucky hip -hop. While I can’t post each artist’s entire catalog, I urge you to check out their Sound Cloud, Band Camp, and other outlets for their music. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

First up Devine Carama. His project 500 Bars To Glorious is just dope. The entire thing is in my rotation. I haven’t heard anything from him that I didn’t like, and his subject matter is definitely not fluff. He reps Lexington.

Sasha Renee , the rapper/singer formally going by YP reps Louisville and has a real laid back smooth vibe.

Royal Illness a member of the Madd Militia collective is not only nice on the mic but also pretty dope on the production side. He had some great instrumentals for vibing on his Sound Cloud page. Repping Lexington.

Lee G and Vegas Posada are members of Madd Militia collective and rep Lexington. Their whole album Iron Mic Sharp 2 is ill. Definitely worth the cop and listen. Here is one standout track from the project.

Sheisty Khrist another member of Madd Militia dropped an ill LP with Lo Fidel back in June, Cold Winter. Here is one of my favorite tracks off the project featuring JK47. Check the whole album out!

Grady is a conscious emcee repping Lexington. He’s new to the scene and recently dropped his debut WHOdafukisGRAdy. He has a lot of potential and I really look forward to hearing what he has to offer us up next.

JustMe dropped an ill EP with 6 tracks and 6 instrumentals, Hajime, that I was really digging. The concept of the project was dope as well, my only complaint was that I wish it was longer. Definitely worth the cop and listen.

Zacharias I really dig his flow and kid has a pretty nice singing voice as well. I don’t know much about him but check his latest visuals.

E. Dash and Methodical Wun are E.D.M.W. and rep Louisville. Their self-titled Ep is dope. Def worth the cop and listen.

Allen Poe hails from Versailles and he’s nice on the mic. This is his latest visual. Dope.

Tiara P reps Louisville and she has a unique style, more like a hip-hop songstress, I can dig it.

D.O.H (Dollahz Ova Hoez) reps Louisville and dropped an album MegaDeph/R.O.T.C (Rapper of the Century) back in January. This is ill. I fuck with it.

Shadowpact is the Louisville collective made up of Modern Marvill & Sleye Kooperv along with producer Artemis The Archer. The chemistry among the three is undeniable and they play off one another’s energy well.

Good N Filthy are the Louisville duo comprised of Mr. Goodbar and Filthy Rich. I’m digging their sound.

Sloe Pink is what most would consider fringe-hop. Unique sound but I peeped the project 27 Club and I can dig it.

Gee Ness reps Lexington and so far I’m digging what I’m hearing. I’ll be checking his catalog soon.

Hybrid The Rapper reps Frankfurt and kid is ill. Peep the visual from his latest project.

Phorensicz hails from Frankfort and I like his style. This is a dope mix and I had to share, but he has more gems on his Sound Cloud.

Fredd C reps Lexington and from what I’ve heard thus far he’s nice on the mic.

CoB.B. RansoM.M.reps Lexington and I just finished listening to his project and I can dig it. Go check it out , you wont be disappointed.

Vonte’ has a unique sound all his own and would probably be considered fringe-hop but the kid has skills from what I have heard so far. He reps Lexington.

All in all, there is more talent in Kentucky than you might have originally guessed. I was pleasantly surprised and to be honest I will be checking for these artists in the future. Again I wish I could post more music because there was so much dope to be heard from out of Kentucky. And as always if you feel like I missed anyone or there is an artist who should have been on this list hit me up! Send me your music.
And stay tuned for volume 3 coming really soon.

Peace! Scy

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  • Red

    Dope article! You’ve really dug into the scene.
    Check out the latest release by Cloud Nine Red from Louisville, KY. Solid listen.

    The { c r a c k r o c k e m o j i } Ep

    • Scyren J. Joseph

      Will do!

  • Royal Illness

    Thanks Again For The Dope Look Scy.Appreciate Your Decision To Feature KY Hiphop.Respect To You and The 7thboro Fam As Always.

    • Scyren J. Joseph

      No doubt!

  • KYHIPHOP forsure one of the illest rappers from ky reppin louisville. 19yrs old