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101 Apparel Presents Kenny Dope — Anything Goes Mix (Sampler) @101apparel @KDope50


A twelve minute teaser by the Dope man himself. Do yourself a favor and cop the whole mix! You get a fresh t-shirt too! You can get that by clicking here.

Kenny “DOPE” Gonzalez is one of the most prolific artists of the modern music age. The four time Gram- my nominated musical genius has been entertaining and astounding the masses alike with his fusions of house, hip-hop, Latin, jazz, funk & soul, reggae, alternative pop and broken beats for 20 years. Known as a living encyclopedia of beats and tagged with the nickname “DEBO” by his closest friends, Kenny is a purveyor of sonic masterpieces.

“Im really happy to collaborate with a brand that is just as passionate about music as I am. It’s dope to be able to share a mix with you that showcases all the sounds that I work with and love. I appreciate 101 Apparel including me in their line, its great to bring you an exclusive mix and the Limited Edition Tee. Go get it 101 Apparel. Peace” – KENNY DOPE

Props to Pipomixes and Egotrip for this one.

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Saga – The Strong @Saga718


Brooklyn upstart emcee, Saga, is not the type to succumb to his ambition. His ‘do or die’ attitude stems from his Brooklyn upbringing, which is deeply rooted in the understanding that the only people that make it in life are, “The Strong.” While other rappers shy away from achieving lyrical excellence, Saga continues to show and prove that he has a pension for both wordplay and top notch production. “The Strong” is the 2nd leak featured on From Out of the Shadows EP with Marco Polo handling the majority of the production (8 songs out of 10) – due out for free on March 31st

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