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The Boro’s Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of 2015

One of our favorite things at the 7th Boro is the anticipation that builds up before an album’s release date. As every Tuesday passes, tons of new Hip Hop (or shit hop depending on your taste) drops for the masses. These albums are hyped up and sometimes pushed back or never released(See Jay Electronica) at all.  In order for an album to be on this list it must meet a couple qualifications: a release date for the album must exist or the artist must have made a strong suggestion that the album is done or going to be released this year. Mills and I chopped it up and came up with the following 22 albums. Feel free to hit us up on twitter or in the comment section if you feel we missed an album or if we should delete one from this list.


Joey Bada$$B4.Da.$$ (Before the Money): A young New Yorker spitting like a young New Yorker. The Pro Era MC takes us back to that golden age in a time where most youth is all doing the same garbage/trap. Hopefully this sets a spark for more good NY Hip Hop.

Action BronsonMr. Wonderful: The Alabanian genius who can rhyme, cook, and apparently rap inside of a urinal is set to drop one of the most anticipated albums NYC has seen in a while. He’s dropped some strong singles for this album already. Get your Les Paul and you loose pants ready!

GemstonesBlind Elephant: A Chicago MC who is extremely underrated. One of the best lyrically in Hip Hop. Very God orientated in his rhymes, and still spits some of the realest bars regarding world issues and the trash in Hip Hop. Do yourself a favor, GET THIS ALBUM.

The ArsonistsTBA: There have been some rumors that this could happen. I’m not sure if they plan to release a special edition of their classic “As The World Burns” album or drop new material. Hopefully it’s both. New York City needs this album! Hip Hop needs this album!

Kendrick LamarTBA: The head of T.D.E. promised us 6 albums for 2014, we got 4 (Isaiah Rashad, Schoolboy Q, SZA, Ab-Soul). K Dot’s was one of the two we did not get. If his single, “i”, is any indication, the wait on this album will be well worth it. Expecting this to be a top 3 album of 2015.

LupeFiascoTetsuoYouthAlbumCoverLupe FiascoTetsuo & Youth: His 1st two albums were classics…. then a couple not up to par albums. Still one of the best lyricist in Hip Hop with deep messages and extremely in depth rhymes. Expecting a classic on this one.

NasTBA: The last Nas album on Def Jam. He confirmed this album is finished, but there is no release date yet. One of the best ever is still making amazing Hip Hop. Hoping this is a top 5 Nas album.

SlaughterhouseGlass House: This album was damn near released last year, but they decided to go back and alter a few things. While this happened, all four of them dropped great albums each. It is time for the House Gang to get back together for a full album.

Add-2PFTP: The illest male off 9th Wonder’s Jamla Squad. He was very quiet in 2014 and recently posted #PFTP as a hint for his upcoming album. Another Chicago MC who spits nothing but greatness. Very very skilled on the mic and has some amazing producers around him.

ScarfaceDeeply Rooted: Very rarely mentioned in the list of one of the greatest ever. A legend in Hip Hop has been expected to drop this album for a while now, and 2015 seems to be the year.
Jay RockTBA: The other T.D.E. album that just missed the 2014 release. The most quiet and under the radar from Black Hippy, but this could be one of the best from the crew.
Kanye WestTBA: The quietest big name of 2014 as far as releasing music. Started the year with an awesome track, so this album will definitely drop this year. Depending on what Kanye we get, depends on how great this album will be. We’re leaning towards the Kanye with the wired mouth and not the Kardashian Kanye.
Jay ElectronicaAct II: Patents of Nobility: This album was supposed to drop years ago! I’m not sure what the big hold up is but Jay Electronica needs to give us something……Exhibit F, G, X, or something. I’ll tell you one thing….when this does drop it’s going to be a PROBLEM!
Ghostface Killah and MF DOOMDOOMStarks: The masked man and the wally champ have teased us with some material already and it sounds official. Ghostface over some DOOM production should be a rap treat for the underground heads.

Rasherasheed-chappell-kenny-dope-brick-mortar-1ed ChappellBrick & Mortar: If you had the opportunity to hear Rasheed’s last album you’d know why he is on this list. The New Jersey native has an ill flow and has the legendary Kenny Dope on the production side of things. That’s going to be one of this year’s sleepers.


Pusha TKing Push: A very dope MC who always puts out very dope material.
DJ Premier and Pete RockTBA: Preemo said a single off this project is set to drop in January…. We will see.
RedmanMuddy Waters 2: Even Muddier: Newark’s own Reggie Noble dropped some good music last year and this should be the year this sequel is finally released.
GZALiquid Swords II: The Return of the Shadowboxer or Dark Matter: Sounds like a lot, but could be possible. RZA has confirmed he’s producing on Liquid Sword II. The Genius has also said he’s working on a concept album based on a journey through time and space for Dark Matter. One out of the two would be enough for me.
Q-TipThe Last Zulu: Last heard on that Busta mixtape. Very quiet in 2014, which could mean high hopes that this album was being completed and will in fact drop in 2015.
Yasiin Bey and Mannie FreshOMFGOD: Over two years of hearing about this album. A couple records dropped, but it seems they went back to work on a few things. This should be the year. Expecting a banger.
Black Hippy TBA: The talk of this is always mentioned in every interview with each member. After K Dot and Jay Rock drop… maybe, just maybe.

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Flip ft. Elzhi & Phat Kat – Without Warning

Second video/single by legendary Austrian producer Flip, taken off his long awaited producer album ‘Reflections’, available worldwide February 17th (CD/LP/cassette/digital) on Ill Adrenaline Records. The album features lyrical heavyweights like Elzhi, Phat Kat, EDO. G, Killah Priest, Guilty Simpson, Kev Brown, LMNO, Tragic Allies, and many more.

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SEEN Da Original Bronx Bomber’s “Godfather of Graffiti Vol. 1″ (Made In The Bronx) @Richie_SEEN

10941913_10152544785615776_7346089868805634922_nTHEY CALL ME THE GODFATHER OF GRAFFITI by SEEN Chapter One 1973-1981 

The Bronx‘s own Richard “SEEN” Mirando is one of the originators when it comes to graff and he just dropped a new book featuring a collection of street masterpieces. This book is a limited edition pressing with contributions by ALE-1, Henry Chalfant, CLAW MONEY, COPE2, COST, LOOMIT, OS GEMEOS, PJAY, OBEY, TAKI 183, TAT’S CRU, VIC161, YES2. If you’re a fan of SEEN or the culture this one is a must own. This is the holy grail of graff books!  You can see more of Godfather of Graffiti Vol. 1  here.

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Mega Ran & Storyville (Soul Veggies) – React (VIDEO)

Everyone’s favorite video-game obsessed Chip Hop MC, Raheem Jarbo a.k.a Mega Ran is back with brand new visuals for his high energy, rapid fire track, “React”. Aptly named, the song has the speed of a knee-jerk response to being spooked and features a simple, but impactful drum-and-bass instrumental that is extremely reminiscent of The Roots circa The Tipping Point.

Make sure to preorder the duo’s forthcoming album, Soul Veggies right here.

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