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Corey Wiley (The G-Files) Interview


Spek27: Start off by telling us who you are.

Wiley: My name is Wiley. I’m a film maker, tattoo artist, a medical marijuana activist, and a graduate of The Art Institute of Philadelphia film program.

Spek27: What is The G-Files?

Wiley: The G Files is a vintage look into the underworld of Washington DC, as seen through the eyes of veteran criminal Logan Frost. He fights to keep his criminal empire intact, facing the obstacles of a drug drought, competing with an aspiring out of town drug crew and trying to tame his psychotic best friend from extorting his business partners.

Spek27: What makes the DMV so unique?

Wiley: The DMV (Washington DC, Maryland Virginia ) is a very unique place connecting 3 states that make one sub culture known as the “DMV” or “The Area” (pronounced Tha Eurea). The DMV is mostly known for the GO GO music sound (live band high percussions, with a call and respond mc)

Spek27: Why should people check out The G-Files?

Wiley: I think people who enjoy authentic crime movies would love The G Files Season 2. It’s based on real life characters. Also, if you are someone that enjoys 1970’s Blaxploitation films, this is a treat for you.

Spek27: Where can people watch this or purchase it?

Wiley: The G Files Season 2 can be rented or Purchased at

Spek27: Since this is a hiphop website, tell us your connection with Army Of The Pharaohs rapper Reef The Lost Cauze.

Wiley: Gladiator Films was started in 2002 as a film and marketing company. Our very first venture was to produce and market what has become a Philadelphia hip hop classic album. Reef The Lost Cauze “Invisible Empire”. I first met Reef at a college party where I witnessed him just destroying people in a freestyle cipher. We clicked, From that point, I used all the money I had from selling weed and guns, and put it towards recording The Invisible Empire album. Even as we speak today, that project is one of my best investments. It’s always great to work with an artist and good friend such as Reef.

Spek27: Last words?

Wiley: In closing, I would first like to thank you guys for allowing me to promote The G Files om such a awesome platform, and I truly look forward to doing more work with you in the future. Please be sure to follow The G Files Season 2 web series on our social media platforms:

Instagram: GladiatorINK
Twitter: GladiatorINK 1
PsN: GladiatorINK1
Fb: The G Files
Youtube: Gladiator Films
SnapChat: The G Files

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G Free ft Big Shug, Edo G & Termanology – Mic Massacre (Single)

G Free

Check out this dope posse cut from G Free’s album, ‘Da Wildchild LP’, that dropped a few months back via Home Grown Music Group.

G Free ft Big Shug, Edo G & Termanology – Mic Massacre

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