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Don Smog – Skilldabeasts feat Vinylcologist (STREAM)


Don Smog is one that not many of you have heard about. That is mainly because he likes to stay in stealth mode and drop bombs at random. He has been one of my best friends for decades and we are currently working on a new record that is set to drop next summer VIA Drop Science. Other producers include Jack Of All Trades (Beast Academy) and PJ Katz (J-Live‘s- “City to City”). 7th Boro will be the first to debut his new tracks as we do this strictly for kicks and ourselves, not for money. If you are great at internet diggin, you could try to find his mega rare “Wrexclusive” album that dropped in early ’06. That was only limited to 100 copies. No repress.
Good luck with that. PS. Don’t even bother clicking the links that say “similar to Don Smog” after the song is over. I assure you there is no one like Smog out there. Not even close.

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Indelible MC’s (Co Flow, Juggaknots & J-Treds) at Fat Beats 1997

I got more presence in attendance than a class of schizophrenics!

In 1997 Company Flow, The Juggaknots and J-Treds joined forces to become The Indelibles. What we have here is footage from their Fat Beats NYC in-store for the release of “The Fire In Which You Burn” (Official/Rawkus). Watch Breeze Brewin’, J-Treds, El-P and Bigg Jus rip the mic (one mic at that) as they perform “Fire” while Mr. Len aka Space Ghost spins the instrumentals. Then get ready for some bonus rounds with additional footage from some of the aforementioned along with Queen Herawin, Wordsworth and ILL BILL. Shout out to Pumpkinhead, A.L. Skills, Rok One and Max Glazer who also rocked earlier that day while we were all waiting for J-Treds’ late ass to show up.

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    Shabaam Sahdeeq ft. El Gant, Masta Ace, Ras Kass, & Pawz One – Darkness (Prod. by Jake Palumbo)


    SpaceLAB Recordings / 22 Ventures / Marvial Entertainment Presents:

    “Darkness” – brand new promotional street single by Shabaam Sahdeeq featuring El Gant, Ras Kass, Masta Ace & Pawz One, available for free download or donation at “Name Your Own Price” via the SpaceLAB Recordings Bandcamp store, right on time for the 2014 Hip-Hop Kemp Festival in Czech Republic.

    Courtesy of 22 Ventures Ent., & the artists themselves, all proceeds donated at “Name Your Own Price” via the SpaceLAB Bandcamp store will be donated directly to the Recovery Fund for Lisa Vick, mother of the songs’ producer Jake Palumbo. Ms. Vick was diagnosed early this summer with an aggressive form of breast cancer, as well as the rare blood disease Hemochromatosis. She has recently underwent a double mastectomy surgery, & will begin aggressive chemotherapy this month to begin the long road to becoming cancer-free. Needless to say, medical bills shall begin piling up quickly, & any contributions to the fight no matter how small are valued.

    Mama Palumbo sends her love, thanks & support to the hip-hop community for all the emails, Facebook messages & even donations she has received from fans, rappers & the community alike. Get well messages may be sent to

    For more information on how you can help with the fight against Breast Cancer please visit or

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    Chris Rivers, E3 Aka Baby Easy E, & Y.D.B. – My 3 Sons (Prod. By DLP/I.V.MUSIC) [Video]

    I posted the audio to this track back in December of 2013 and I said that they had HUGE shoes to fill. Fast forward to now and Chris Rivers, E3, and Young Dirty Bastard (Y.D.B.) are making their fathers very proud. Here is the video which is directed by Flow Vision Media and features DLP/I.V.MUSIC on the beat.

    CHRIS RIVERS @OnlyChrisRivers
    E3 aka BABY EAZY E @BabyEazyE

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    DJ Jazzy Jeff x Michael Jackson – He’s The King, I’m The DJ [Mixtape]


    I know what you’re wondering….this is a Hip Hop site and you’re posting Michael Jackson? If you dare have that thought in your head, let me explain. Besides the fact that Michael Jackson’s music raised us, his music has had a great influence on Hip Hop. Artists such as Nas, LL Cool J, Naughty By Nature, Big Pun, Ghoastface, and many others sample the late great Michael Jackson. About five years ago Philadelphia legend, DJ Jazzy Jeff made this mixtape with UNDRCRWN and I’ve had it in heavy rotation since. I thought I would repost it in celebration of MJ’s 56th birthday.

    DJ Jazzy Jeff x Michael Jackson – He’s The King I’m The DJ by The Doctors Orders on Mixcloud


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