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DJ Absurd – Ear 2 The Streets Radio Podcast #158


The Brett Favre of Hip Hop radio shows is back with his 158th episode of Ear 2 the Streets! DJ Absurd the podcast king blesses us with a another dope episode featuring new music by Erick Sermon, Fashawn, Obie Trice, Kendrick, Action Bronson, Danny Brown, Wu, J.Cole, and a bunch of up and coming talent! FREE STREAM/DOWNLOAD! CHECK IT OUT AND SHARE! Turn off commercial radio and keep your ‪#‎Ear2TheStreets‬!

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KXNG CROOKED Pens An Open Letter To The Internet

I usually stick to posting music and videos but I wanted to share this with everyone. If you didn’t know, KXNG Crooked (formerly known as Crooked I) dropped an EP today for physical CD purchase only. In this letter he explains why this EP isn’t available for digital download and asks everyone not to upload it to the internet. I hope people respect this but my feelings tell me that this will be available for free download very soon. It really is a shame that an artist like Crooked puts so much time into constructing great lyrics and has to worry about people stealing his product. I posted a quote from Andre 3000 (off a Devon the Dude) track that explains how these artists feel when people steal their music.

We work nights, we some vampires
Niggas gather round the beat like a campfire
Singin’ folk songs, but not no Kumbaya my Lord
You download it for free, we get charged back for it
I know you’re saying, they won’t know they won’t miss it
Besides, I ain’t a thief, they won’t pay me a visit
So if I come to your job, take your corn on the cob
And take a couple kernels off it that would be alright with you
Hell no! Yeah, exactamundo
But we just keep recording and it ain’t to get no condo – Andre 3000

Let’s keep the integrity of our music and pay these artists what they deserve. If we don’t, the quality of music will continue to deteriorate. I’ve pasted the text of the letter below because the image isn’t the best quality.

If it weren’t for the online world of Hip-Hop supporters — generally called “the internet” — Slaughterhouse’s KXNG CROOKED likely wouldn’t be where he’s at today. The internet embraced Crooked and his House Gang brothers long ago, which ultimately led to the creation of Slaughterhouse and their signing to Eminem‘s Shady Records. The internet helped carve out a solid career for Crooked and has allowed him the opportunity to travel around the world and do what he loves to do. Every blogger, every online journalist, every forum comment and social media share played a part in his brand development.

While it’s true that the internet has been an amazing launching pad for countless artists, there are times when it has been a pain in the ass to major record companies. Album leaks, for one, have somewhat crippled the industry and thrown months and even years of hard work to the wayside.

Now fresh off the heels of his appearances on the #1 Billboard album in Hip-Hop– Shady XV — KXNG CROOKED prepares to release Sex, Money and Hip-Hop, a mixtape experience centered around the idea of the pre-internet days. The days of nostalgia for many, when the only way to hear an album was to go down to the local record shop and buy it with your hard-earned cash, or pick it up from your local DJ selling mixtapes out of the trunk of his car. We want this to truly be a mixtape experience — the way so many of us grew up on.

Therefore, with the release of Sex, Money and Hip-Hop we are counting on the fans. We are asking the fans who purchased this album NOT to upload it anywhere online, but to keep it tucked away in your own little stash for your own mixtape experience. This is a piece of history. A collector’s item. A rare piece of art. There are limited copies of this album being manufactured, and you may just be one of the lucky few who own a copy forever.

We believe the fans will want to keep this art from going public via the internet and we are trusting you with this. You see, if this album is uploaded online the value of it decreases drastically, much like a baseball card or a rare comic book. It’s simple: keep it retro. Keep this album offline and keep it valuable.

As a special gift to you from KXNG CROOKED and SMH Records and as a thank you for your cooperation, we are including a second copy of the album for FREE with your purchase (while supplies last). One is for your listening pleasure, and the other is a keepsake for you to hold onto, unopened, as a Limited Edition collector’s item.

So thank you, Internet, for all you’ve done for us. We are not turning our back on you, we are simply keeping it authentic for a throwback mixtape experience.

We will be back soon. Until then go to for the mixtape experience.


By the way….I put my money where my mouth is! Support Hip Hop!

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