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Gore Elohim (p/k/a Goretex) – 7th Boro Interview


I’ve been a fan of Non Phixion since 1996. That’s 20 years (wow, I feel old). A lot has happened to the group in that time. Losing group members, losing major label record deals and eventually an ugly breakup 2006. But what they’ll always have is their debut (and only) album. Considered an underground classic, The Future Is Now was something special. There was no weak link when it came to lyrics. Each mc held their own while providing a sophisticated contrast to each other’s style. All three members (Ill Bill, Sabac, Gortex) went on to release solo albums before, and following, the break up. While some of their solo work stood tall on its own, I always felt there was something missing. Recently, to the elation of many, Non Phixion has decided to give the fans what they’ve been wanting for over a decade. I caught up with Gore Elohim (p/k/a Gortex) to discuss the past and hopefully the future. continue

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Main Source – 25 Years of Breaking Atoms @PLargePro


It would be a disservice to our readers and to Hip Hop if we didn’t mention Main Source’s 25th anniversary of Breaking Atoms. Main Source consisted of Sir Scratch, K-Cut, and the legendary Large Professor. This album is arguably one of the Top 20 Hip Hop albums of all time. Tracks such as “Just a Friendly Game of Baseball”, “Peace Is Not the Word to Play”,“Live at the Barbeque” (Who could forget that Nas verse????), and “Looking At the Front Door” made this album an instant classic. The group dissolved because of differences but they definitely dropped a legendary album with this one. What was your favorite track? Hit us up and let us know. Bless.

Fuck Red and White………………..I got on Black Socks!

Shoot the next man and turn around and say peace, But that’s leaving people in pieces ,It’s not what the meaning of peace is

Verbal assassin, my architect pleases, When I was twelve, I went to hell for snuffin Jesus

They speak proper while my speech is from a gargabe can, But regardless, you shouldn’t have to be so raw, I’m lookin’ at the front door

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WestSide Gunn ft Conway & Inkredible Nes – Loco (Single)


Peep the Conway feature from WestSide Gunn’s new EP, ‘There’s God And There’s Flygod, Praise Both’.

WestSide Gunn ft Conway & Inkredible Nes – Loco

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Jarren Benton ft Pounds & Chris Rivers – Aluminum Bat (Prod Analogic) (Single)


“Aluminum Bat” is a standout track from Jarren Benton’s brand new mixtape, ‘Slow Motion Vol 2’.

Jarren Benton ft Pounds & Chris Rivers – Aluminum Bat

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