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+ Premiere: Tha Soloist ft Hell Razah & Recognize Ali – Chance (Prod Dr G) (Stream)

Tha Soloist

“From Dr G’s lab, some new hip-hop alchemy from the UK producer alongside legendary Wu-Tang Clan/Sunz Of Man alumni Hell Razah, who is currently ready to drop his documentary, “Risen”, this summer. This joint also features some new bloods, Tha Soloist and Recognize Ali along with some dope harmonies from singer Ali Jimenez from the UK. This joint definitely has a good feeling too it with kind of new wave sonics. New age Hell Razah is definitely needed today and teaming up with Tha Soloist and Ali shows that that Razah was well ahead of his time with the bars. Soloist and Ali also both hold there own on this joint.” -Dr G

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Maurice Brown ft Talib Kweli – Stand Up

Stand Up_final

I came across Maurice Brown last year when he dropped his last album, and I’ve always enjoyed that Hip Hop/Jazz fusion ala Jazzmatazz and of course The Roots. “Mo” is working on releasing his new album The Mood (March 24th), and let’s loose his new single with emcee Talib Kweli. Check it out.

Brown tells us about the track: “Stand Up” is a call for humanity to take a stand for something & come together to make a positive difference in the world around us. We are in a political and economic climate that has been sapping the energy and sense of hope from everyone around us. Inspired by the advice “Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything” that my father gave me when I was a kid, I want to call people to come together, take a stand for a better life & a better world and help one another in whatever way possible, big or small. To collectively be the change we wish to see in the world.

From now until New Orlean Jazz Fest, Maurice will be hosting “Mobetta Tuesdays” at the Jazz Standard in NYC. Every Tuesday, he will be welcoming special guests (like Snarky Puppy’s Michael League, drum legend Lenny White, saxophonist Skerik and more) to join him for different weekly musical themes. More information about Mobetta Tuesdays can be found on the venue’s website.

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The Comeback……..


I’m not one for grand announcements or showmanship, and this is not what this post is…This is about how I tried to stay away from a culture I love, with my whole heart, because I felt it didn’t need me, I felt Hip Hop is really for the younger generation now, it’s taken its course outside the realm I felt comfortable in. Hip Hop has evolved so much in the last few years, it’s almost unrecognizable. From the business side of it and how indies and majors work, to how artists promote their music, even down to the very nature to how we get and listen to our music, it’s all changed drastically. For us Hip Hop Purists(Ole’heads), it’s now moved away from the many things we fell in love with this genre in the first place. Listen, I’m never against change, change for the most part is good, in anything we do or enjoy, at first it’s hard to accept, and that’s human nature, but in time we see that it was for the better…That being said, I guess I wasn’t there yet, and it was very hard to accept.


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