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Skyzoo ft. Elzhi – Hands Folded Together @Skyzoo @Elzhi


With six days left and counting until the highly anticipated Music For My Friends hits stores, Skyzoo presents the vinyl/cassette only bonus track, “Hands Folded Together”, featuring Detroit wordsmith Elzhi. Produced by Skyzoo’s touring DJ and Mobile Kitchen’s own DJ Prince, the grit and soul in the track is exactly what the two punchline specialists needed to flex on.

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Joell Ortiz + !llmind ft. Emilio Rojas, Bodega Bamz, & Chris Rivers – Latino Part 2


Brooklyn MC, Joell Ortiz, returns with his newest collaborative release, Human, with producer !LLMIND, due out July 17. He brings you “Latino Pt. 2” along with his fellow Latino MCs, Emilio Rojas, Bodega Bamz, & Chris Rivers. As part 2 of the popular “Latino” from The Brick project, Joell touches on real and timely issues that are effecting today’s America. With the heavy presence of cultural instrumentation and raw lyrics, “Latino Pt. 2” speaks to the people and encourages them proud to be who they are and proud of where they’re from.

“I had a record on my very first album called ‘Latino.’ It meant a lot to me because I’m very proud to be Puerto Rican and a Latino that made it in this game. With that being said, I know exactly how tough it is to get into the hip hop scene and be respected/validated when you’re a Latino. I wanted to give Bodega Bamz, Emilio Rojas, and Chris Rivers the opportunity they so well deserved,” Joell Ortiz says, “All of them young brothers have been grinding and making a name for themselves out here. It was an honor to have them feature on my album. Latinos is one of my favorite records on Human. Thanks fellaz!”

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G Dot & Born ft. Masta Ace – Ghetto Survivors @GdotBorn @MastaAce


Those who live comfortably behind white picket fences, are often quick to judge the lifestyle and culture of those raised by the corners. As block boys turned emcees, Boston’s G dot & Born, have studied the game and have taken their experiences from the streets to the studio, as exemplified on their latest leak, “Ghetto Survivors.” Production wise, Ben Hedibi crafts a soulful, slap heavy instrumental, laced with a well composed scratch hook courtesy of, DJ Technic, that takes it back to the bare bones fundamentals of MPCs and SL-1200s. And if Edo G was first to roll out the record carpet for the revivalist duo, than Masta Ace will help them to continue their ascend, with his proficient raps that detail the ‘dos and dont’s’ of ghetto survival…”don’t try to have the whole block scared of you, you never know what the scared are prepared to do.”

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