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Sheol Dynasty : 7th Boro Interview

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One of my favorite things to do is discovering new music, from any genre that I can really vibe to. When I was doing my Wisconsin spotlight I happened across Sheol Dynasty, a hip hop duo from the Northeast Wisconsin area. The group is comprised of members Tigga and Jester Exodus. Initially both were affiliates of other groups, The Brotherhood and Chump Service, respectably, and were frequent collaborators. It was only a natural progression that the two artists whose chemistry works so well together, would form their own set. Sheol Dynasty formed in 2014, and has been going strong since. I have had the opportunity to listen to their catalog and as emcees they continue to grow, dope as a duo while still holding their own and maintaining their own style. Jester Exodus also doubles on the boards. The pair recently came off tour and I wanted to speak to them about the experience, about them as artists, and about their views on hip-hop. Check it Out!

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7th Boro Writer Spotlight: Label Grafik


In this installment of the 7th Boro Writer Spotlight, I had the opportunity to kick it with New Jersey’s own Label Grafik. If you’re not familiar with Label, he’s a graff artist/photographer out of Perth Amboy, N.J. who is nice when it comes to writing. I grew up in the same city as Label so I’m very familiar with his work. One of the first pieces that got me interested in Label’s artwork was a drawing of classic Hip Hop 90’s tapes. Being a fan of the music, I was instantly drawn toward that piece.


Before we get started Label, I just wanted to thank you for taking time out to do this interview with the 7th Boro.

Stroy: What/Who inspired you to become an artist?

Label: I started messing around with graffiti lettering back in “1992” due to being a young hip hop head. When I first came across the music video of The Artifacts “Wrong side of the Tracks” in the summer of “1994” who fully inspired me to get better in this craft. I met Jersey Joe aka Rime in “1998” who is huge in the graff scene helped me increase my skill and style that I have today. With out Artifacts and Rime there will be no Label Grafik. continue

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Diamond D, A.G. & O.C. – Connect 3 (Prod DJ Premier) (Single)


Here is my favorite track from ‘D.I.T.C. Studios’ Deluxe Edition. On this one Premier laces each MC with their own beat to spit on and it comes out nasty!

Diamond D, A.G. & O.C. – Connect 3

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